This week’s featured product is Post Op Planner

So, you’ve made your appointment for your BBL, Tummy Tuck, or Lipo, and you’re super excited about the new doll look. But you’re also a little scared about the aftermath. After all, we’ve all heard about women and men experiencing many complications after undergoing cosmetic surgery.

The ‘Post Op Planner®’ is the perfect solution to help you on your recovery journey. Your surgeon is responsible for carrying out the procedure, but once you walk out the door of that medical center, it’s up to you to heal and get back to your regular schedule. Many people are unsure about what to do after, and that’s what the ‘Post Op Planner’ aims to solve. 

‘Post Op Planner®’A guide for every step of the way 

Your surgeon will give you some tips on how to recover, and you might get some advice from a couple of friends who have experienced it before. But you want to be sure that you can get all your tips in one convenient source. ‘Post Op Planner®’ is a 52-week guide that allows you to fill in your progress from the first day of surgery to the last phases of the recovery process. The planner also has a daily checklist, tips of the massages needed, motivational affirmations, and more.  

‘Post Op Planner®’ is a product of Post Op Care Pro , a business solutions provider for post-operative care professionals. This company started by helping people open their recovery houses to creating the ‘Post Op Planner’, an Amazon #1 Seller, also available in Spanish. 

‘Post Op Planner®’ is ideal for persons who want to experience the ultimate healing experience after an operation. Proceeds from its purchases will be used to raise awareness about the complications associated with cosmetic surgery.To purchase a copy for you or a friend, visit Amazon . To connect with Post Op Care Pro, follow them on Instagram .