Getting Classified ~ Hundreds of places to Advertise your Products and Services

Did you know you can reach a highly targeted audience with classified advertising?

These publishers have already developed a relationship between themselves and their readers.

You can advertise in College newspapers, employment guides, local, regional and national magazines, daily newspapers, newsletters (both print and digital) and ezines that speak to the audience you want.

These publishers have already developed a relationship between themselves and their readers.

And if they archived, you can reach even more people over time at no additional cost.

AND… there are hundreds of ezines that will “trade” advertising with the right publications.

So we have compiled a list of hundreds of places you can advertise at little or no cost.  

Costs can vary between each of these mediums, for example: newsletter advertising generally runs between $5 and $25 per issue for a 5 line ad.  Magazines can charge $10 to $75 for up to 5 lines (and more).

Before placing your ad in any of these, research the demographics to be sure that the publication is reaching your target market. Make sure your product is a good fit for the publication, Read the publication to make sure it’s values don’t conflict with yours or that there is not a flood of advertisers selling the same thing. Look for testimonials from past advertisers, see who else is advertising. Ask for a copy of publication you are interested in reviewing. You can generally get a free digital download of the online publications and many times publishers will send you a complimentary copy to review.


To Find Advertising Newspapers in Your Area Check Out

US Newspapers includes Statewide to Nationwide Newspaper Advertising at One Very Low Price!

Advertise in these weekly FREE Newspapers   

Search for College newspapers & Magazines By Region

Employment guides ~ surf the web for individual guides


Local, regional and national magazines at Newslink include:

Popular magazines: U.S. and Canada

News/opinion: General , environment , religion , politics/opinion , science/technology , other .
Plus: city , regional

Business/professional: General , education , finance , journalism , legal , other .
Plus: business technology

Computing: General , business , Internet , gaming , special

Entertainment: General , art , cuisine , culture , film/theater/dance , literature , music , photography , science fiction/fantasy , television , other

Lifestyle/people/activities: General , auto/aviation , campus , crafts/hobbies , cuisine , family/kids , health/environment , religion , photography , sports/recreation , travel

Here’s another great list of Magazine publishers

WE Magazine for Women Classifieds start at $15 for a 3 line ad.


The Directory of Ezines You can search by keywords, subject, only for free ads, and more.

Ezine Search  This is a free database of thousands of electronic publications. You won’t find detailed ad information, but you will find a description of each ezine and a link to the corresponding Web site.  

List of over 600 Ezines and a link to subscribe. Many newsletter authors will swap ads with other ezine authors.

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MISCELLANEOUS CLASSIFIED WEBSITES – many free or low cost to promote your products and services online

Check out Wall Mart’s new  free online classified ads .  

Start-up aggregates listings from more than 80,000 local and national sites.    

And of course, lets not forget the Mother of all Classifieds – Craigs List

Wahm Search Engine

Wahm Café

Work at Home Review

Work at Home Friends Network



City News

The Modern Mom

I Net Giant

Google Free Classifieds

Web Page Publicity

Net Biz 2 U

Money at Home

Bestway Classifieds

Read Use CLASSIFIED Advertising to Sell Your Products Services at Redhead Marketing Blog.

And if you have publications that accept advertising free or low fee, be sure and list them in the comments section.