Easing back into a fitness routine is not easy if you have been dormant for some time. And if you are planning to start again after a long break, the effort is going to involve humongous physical and mental commitment. Even as you get mentally ready for the rigors of a strenuous routine, even a little extra support always helps. Here are some measures you can try to simplify your journey as you sprint on the road to fitness after a prolonged break.

Create a fitness plan that works for you

Starting all over again can be a challenge but a tailored fitness plan can make things easier for you. You understand your body, lifestyle, and fitness goals, so personalizing the program would be easy for you. Alternatively, you can seek guidance from an expert trainer who can suggest the best program based on these factors. Start slow and set realistic and attainable goals to ensure that you stick to the plan.

Style up your wardrobe

Following a fitness plan requires a great deal of motivation, more so if you are doing it after some time. Consider styling up your workout wardrobe to get that extra dose of motivation. Look for a complete makeover, from your outfits to shoes and accessories. Prioritize good fits and comfort even as you stick to your budget. Checking out your favorite celebrities for some style inspiration is a good idea.

Invest in the right aids

While a designer wardrobe makes you feel good about sweating it out, you can invest in some fitness aids to ease your journey and achieve your goals easily. A pair of best compression socks are a smart pick if you want to give extra support to your legs. They are ideal for running and walking. A fitness tracker is another smart exercise aid as it lets you track your metrics in real-time.

Make it enjoyable

Another useful measure to get into a workout routine after a period of inactivity is by looking for ideas that make it more enjoyable. Play your favorite music while you burn calories indoors. And if you are an outdoor buff, wear your headphones or earbuds and listen to the tracks you love even as you exercise. Or you can try including an activity that you like in the plan- go swimming or cycling twice a week or try aerobics every other day.

Find yourself a buddy 

Having an exercise buddy is surely a smart way to stick to the routine, no matter how lazy you may feel. It could be a colleague, your partner or best friend, anyone who shares your goals and can keep you going. Challenging them for the achievement of your goals is also a good motivation, particularly if you are looking for healthy weight loss. And if you can’t find a buddy, you can use a fitness app.

These simple measures can pave the way to getting your routine back on track. So go ahead and get moving to become a healthier and fitter version of yourself! 


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