By Loral Langemeier

If you have a great plan or idea for a small business but are held back because you’re afraid to jump in, the thing to remember is this…

You’ve got to start somewhere.

Everyone wants more money but not everyone has the motivation to actually make it happen. People get stuck. Some are stuck because they don’t know where to begin. While others get fixated on the planning end of things and never get to the action part.

If you’re someone who is stuck in perpetual wishing, it’s time to cook or get out of the kitchen. The first step is to define what you want. Then make a plan to get there.

Remember that success is the end result of a well-planned goal, not the goal itself. The plan is the “how you get there.”
However many would be entrepreneurs get caught in the cycle of creating plans without action. The only way you’re going to get there is to take those first steps.

The biggest stumbling block for many people is negativity. It’s their [non-] belief system that prevents them from even trying. Negative thinking is your worst enemy. You’ve got to start tuning it out.

Creating a cash machine is something you can do in stages but you have to stay in action. You can always start small and build from there. If you’re not ready to quit your W-2 job, by all means don’t! You can work a couple of days a week, evenings, or weekends. No one is telling you that you have to go full speed ahead. It’s your Cash Machine on Your Terms. Period.

Once you start creating income you’ll see that you got yourself all worked up for nothing and wish you’d started earlier. Once you get the ball rolling and you start seeing results your confidence is going to shoot through the roof and there will be no stopping you!

Today, create action in your life. Get started. Take those steps. Reap your rewards!


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