I don’t normally promote my own stuff when writing my editorials. But today is different.

You see, I have a brand new book and today is Launch DATE!  And I am so excited to share it with everyone, and didn’t want to leave anyone out. Including the readers of WE magazine for Women.

Here’s the Scoop:

Do you find yourself running out of ideas to promote your business?

Have you come to a standstill with your marketing department?

Are YOU the Marketing Department of your company?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I strongly urge you to take advantage of this one-day opportunity.

Here is a comment about my last book ~ the 2008 edition (which you can no longer get):

“Heidi’s marketing calendar last year was amazing.  It gave me fun excuses to stay in touch with potential listeners and customers.  It gave me a way to reach out to them without seeming so pushy. Thanks and I cannot wait for the new one!” Pat Montgomery http://www.parentsrulewithpat.com

I agree with Ms. Montgomery. There are so many “fun” excuses to stay in touch with your customers and clients in Quirky Marketing, the challenge will be in choosing which ones to use.  Be sure and read on and see for yourself why you need to get this book today.

ABOUT Quirky Marketing ~ 365 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Zany and Non-traditional Holidays:

Quirky marketing is not about your run-of-the-mill everyday marketing tactic.  It is more than that.  It is a combination of the creative, zany and off-the-wall.  It’s the ordinary marketing tactics taken to a new level – to create a more inspired, fun and interesting process for marketing products and services.  In the Quirky Marketing Calendar you will discover 12 months of quirky, zany and creative marketing ideas from around the globe.

In addition to 365 Ideas to promote your business, inside the this 180 page eBook,  I show you how to use the calendar, how to work with the media, give you monthly action plan templates, a blank monthly calendar and more. At the end of each chapter is a comprehensive listing of additional holidays you can explore and use to promote your business. And an expanded resource section.

Here’s what one reader said of last year’s edition:

“Marketing my business has not always been in line with the accepted “normal” manner of doing so. I’m known to break the rules and go outside the box to make an impression or to draw attention to my project. I was so delighted with “Your Marketing Calendar~2008” -because, it allowed me to feel ok with my choice of marketing. Gave me new and innovative ideas that I felt had not been over-used by others. Your Marketing Calendar~2008 gave me permission to be off-beat and have fun while working for profit. How much better could it be? Thank you Heidi, I’m looking forward to the next level of your Marketing ideas.” Bea Kunz, Sage Hill Farms http://www.sagehillfarmsandvintagestore.com

You can grab your copy today combined with more than TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of free bonuses here: www.QuirkyOffer.com . When you do you will have instant access to Quirky Marketing and all the Bonuses.

The bonuses are only available with purchases made today… Then, they will disappear (but the book will still be available on our website!) and will not be seen again…

I believe this ebook would make an amazing addition to your ebook library or as a gift for a client or colleague. In fact, if you don’t find at least one idea to use in your business, I will give you your money back.  Guaranteed! But you have to hurry and take advantage of all the amazing bonuses today.  

Go to: http://www.QuirkyOffer.com

To your success… and then some,

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Author, Quirky Marketing Calendar ~ 365 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Zany and Non-traditional Holidays.

P.S. In case you are wondering, this Edition has been expanded from last years (I’ve added 92 pages) to 180 pages.

P.S.S. Here’s what some other folks said about my past calendars.

“Thanks for the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed the 2008 Marketing Calendar.  I used it in workshops with new business owners to help them jump start their campaigns. I also shared it with my clients to add a little flair in each month’s projects.  One client expanded  their activities to include health- related holidays. Thank you again for helping me help my clients in their marketing efforts in 2008.” Kim Gray, Emerging Virtual Assistance ~ www.emergingva.com

“Not only did it list cool and wacky holidays throughout the year, but the tips and ideas were invaluable.   I’m looking forward to creating and sending my clients off the wall greeting cards.  I can’t wait to see your new calendar.  Now how do I keep my competitors from seeing this?    I’ll be sure to pass it on to my friends.”  Heidi Caswell ~http://connectsimply.com/blog

“The 2008 Marketing Calendar was so helpful in not only planning my marketing schedule, but generating ideas for my monthly newsletter, blogs, and writing articles. It’s so nice to have the research done for you and have all the information in one place! Heidi is a true marketing expert and so willing to share her knowledge and experience. I can’t wait for the 2009 calendar and to see all the marketing opportunities available to my business for the year. Thanks as always Heidi!” Gillian Hood-Gabrielson, Healthier Outcomes ~ http://www.healthieroutcomes.com