"Gangster Redemption is worth Reading"The Reason The Court System Uses A Gangster To Save Kids Lives?  It  Works!

We don’t usually hear that an ex-con is bound and determined to save the lives of kids at risk – but that is exactly what Larry Lawton is doing – and he’s doing it well! Author of Gangster Redemption (LL Research & Consulting), the true story of his life as one of America’s most notorious jewel robbers, Larry’s mission since his release has been to help kids turn their life around by demonstrating what to expect by making bad choices.

Larry life got off to a bad start; sexually molested by a priest at an early age, he began his path to crime by making bad choices that included his being an ‘enforcer’ for the Gambino crime family, and later spending years on the East Coast outwitting both the police and the FBI, pulling off jewelry heists to the tune of $15 million.

While in prison, Larry studied to become a paralegal and acted as a gang mediator. He fought prison abuse but paid the price with three years in the ‘hole’ being tortured by guards. The horrors he saw and experienced in prison became the driving force behind his determination to stop other young people from making the same mistakes.

Larry took every negative experience from prison and turned it into a positive learning tool in his Reality Check Program. As evidenced in an independent analysis, 90% of the teens taking the program did not get re-arrested, and a large percentage had better school grades, better school attendance and improved attitudes – and are the reasons why law enforcement, the government and the courts are using it for at-risk youth.

Larry’s inspiring book, Gangster Redemption, co-written by 8-time New York Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock, is the epitome of the bad guy turned good guy who got his life back on track to help others. While many police officers do a good job of showing kids the result of bad choices it just doesn’t have the impact of an ex-convict. Why? Because with Larry it’s not hypothetical – it’s the real thing – kids listen because they know he has ‘walked the talk.’

Larry Lawton has been featured in numerous newspaper articles and made recent appearances on The Trisha Show on NBC, The Daily Buzz, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Huckabee on FOX, among others, and he is currently working on a new TV show called Lawton’s Law to advance his Reality Check Program. Many believe that Gangster Redemption, the amazing chronicle of his life and work, would make an incredible blockbuster movie hit. For more information, please visit: www.lawton911.com.

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