By Gabi Rose, MS

Sometimes the holidays can be stressful when we think of all those extra pounds we are going to pack on by New Years.  The challenge is fitting into that sexy New Year gown.  Some fun ways I have found to take a bite out of fat, stay focused.  The holidays can be especially stressful but incorporating fun ways into your exercise routine can help alleviate unnecessary pressure. Losing 130 pounds and keeping it off long term is no easy task, but I am going to share some strategies that have kept me thin and fit during the holidays.  When shopping for gifts, park as far from the entrance as possible and let your feet do the walking.  Walk from one end of the mall to the other.  Those extra steps can help boost your metabolism to keep your body burning.  I particularly love to put the bounce in my stride with Kangoo Jumps.  They will get your rear in gear like never before.  If you don’t feel particularly bouncy, a few squats with your groceries while putting them away will do the trick.  Canned goods can substitute for hand weights.  Remember to focus on family and not food.  For all you beach goers, enjoy the great outdoors and head for a stroll on the beach or take a relaxing tour on your bike.  Family dance offs are a particularly fun way to boogie those calories away.  Everyone loves a good dance every now and then.
Temptations at holiday parties, family gatherings and receiving many scrumptious treats are at their highest this time of year.  The best way to keep your cravings to a minimum and avoid the added pounds is to keep well hydrated.  A good 64 ounces of water is needed daily.  Remember to eat every 3 hours (High protein low calorie choices) will help you avoid high carbohydrate food getting the best of you.  Alcoholic drinks are also at the highest consumption this time of year.  Not only does alcohol add extra calories to your day, but it hinders you from making the right food choices.  Holidays are a time to be with your loved ones and show them how much you care for one another.  We have somehow lost our way and feel pressured to over eat during these festive times.  Let’s go back to enjoying each other’s company and not put the focus on treats. We need to keep active, have fun and enjoy the eggnog in moderation.
Gabi Rose is a weight loss and fitness specialist with the Center for Medical Weight Loss with Gabi Rose and the founder and CEO of Gabi Rose, LLC. She has inspired millions of people with her weight loss story after helping them shed weight by getting healthy.  Gabi has appeared on numerous television channels, including NBC and Fox, and has been published in a variety of national and regional magazines.  She will be joining forces with WPLG, local ABC, as host to the “Get Fit Club” weight loss challenge. For more information, visit or call 954-966-5700 to start your own success story.

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