"Friendships are Vital to Health and Happiness"Ethical Wisdom For Friends Helps Navigate Life’s Common Relationship Dilemmas

As imperfect human beings, we often face ethical and moral challenges as we relate with others on a daily basis, be it with our office mates, Facebook friends, or our best friend since grade school. While our relationships with friends are critical to our health and happiness, they are often misunderstood or under-appreciated.

In Mark Matousek’s latest book, Ethical Wisdom For Friends: How to Navigate Life’s Most Complicated, Curious, and Common Relationship Dilemmas (HCI Books), he has refined the do’s and don’ts of friendship, drawing from personal experience, interviews, and letters from readers, to provide a reservoir rich in wisdom about friendship, commitment, honesty, greed, jealousy, loyalty, competition, and so much more. Through twenty-four succinct essays, each followed by thought-provoking questions, Mark examines a plethora of moral and emotional dilemmas.

Backed by scientific evidence, interviews with experts, philosophical teachings, and psychological insight, Ethical Wisdom For Friends is a simple, edifying, and entertaining look at these concepts for everyday seekers who are more interested in hands-on advice than abstract information.

Learn more about the Ethical Wisdom of Friends here: https://www.hcibooks.com/p-4216-ethical-wisdom-for-friends.aspx