When Dr. Stella Dao returned to work following the birth of her premature twins, like many mothers returning from maternity leave, she quickly had to balance a career and motherhood. After becoming frustrated with the breast pump, she was using and the effect the process was having on her productivity she was inspired to invent Freemie.

First of its kind, Freemie uses life-changing technology to develop breast pumps and accessories that are affordable, efficient, easy to use and allow women to pump anywhere.

Mom-entrepreneur, Dr. Stella Dao was inspired to invent the Freemie® system after returning to work from the birth of her preemie twins. She was juggling work and breastfeeding and quickly came up with the idea to collect breast milk with your shirt on, and hands-free.

The Liberty, is the first to be equipped with a sleep timer and allow moms to pump hands free, with their shirt on, along with other advanced features such as:

  • Programmable memory buttons that allow users can save their favorite settings for easy one touch access.
  • Freebie that cups are simpler to assemble and easier to clean
  • Pack-ability compact enough to fit in a small bag or even a pocket, and includes a detachable belt clip,
  • USB charging capabilities-making it truly portable
  • A back-flow prevention barrier to eliminate any risk of a wardrobe malfunction
  • Next Gen Freemie Cups are worn in your bra, underneath clothing. Collect up to 8 ounces of milk inside each lightweight Freemie Cup, safely and hygienically separated from the electronic pump motor.
  • After a pump session, just remove the cups and transfer your milk to storage. This pump includes the world’s first programmable Sleep Timer. Set the sleep timer in 5 minute intervals, up to 40 minutes. Pump shuts off automatically after 40 minutes.

As more and more women receive high praises for confidently breast feeding in public, Freemie is committed to using technology to develop breast pumps and accessories that give women the ability to pump anywhere anytime.

Currently available on sale for only $169.99 at Freemie.com