If you’re like me, no soirée is complete without fab food and drink and the more distinctive and memorable, the better. For this, perhaps nothing is more well-suited than Brazilian cheese bread known as Pão de Queijo. Purportedly existing since the eighteenth century, having somewhat of a renaissance in the 1950s, this small, baked cheese bun packs a flavorful punch. Fortunately, turophiles need not jaunt to Brazil to enjoy this insanely tasty morsel as one international brand—Forno de Minas —offers them throughout America in authentic form.

Indeed, Forno de Minas’s Pão de Queijo option is not only a delight for the taste buds whether as a snack or a side item, but the homemade recipe is also gluten-free, yeast-free and boasts only natural ingredients sourced from local producers.  This makes it a genius go-to for kids, families and even hardened foodies—coupled with the fact that it’s available in the market’s frozen food fully baked, only taking five minutes to warm up. And when these heavenly buns are baking, filling the space with their exquisite aroma, rest assured you’ll be chomping at the bit for that buzzer to sound. The company’s cheese bread is even found in select restaurants and movie theaters in the U.S.

A household name in Brazil, Forno de Minas is the pioneer producer of Pão de Queijo, making them the optimal source. In fact, their recipe and time-honored preparation process has been passed down among multiple generations, According to the company’s web site, “In 1990, ‘Dona’ Dalva began selling her Pão de Queijo in a small shop in the state capital. This led her into business and, in 1990, she started Forno de Minas, a family-owned company she still runs jointly with her children.” Today, her company leads the way in frozen Pão de Queijo production and global market share, exporting to numerous countries worldwide.

So do yourself a favor and pick up a bag or three of Forno de Minas’s Pão de Queijo at a retail location near you , with which you can experience their authentic taste from Brazil’s heartland in the comfort and convenience of your own abode.


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