Meet Rosemary Laack, Owner of Supernova Coaching Enterprises in Sherman Oaks, CA

Rosemary Laack began her career as an opera singer and musician. She has been heard on National Public Radio, Hollywood Bowl as well as the Crystal Cathedral, and has sung with stars such Pat Boone, Florence Henderson, Kenny Rogers, and Al Jarreau. Despite her musical success, Rosemary had an “itch” to accomplish more.

She went on to spend over 15 years working at large Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble and Alberto Culver along with smaller private and entrepreneurial firms. She took on roles as diverse as sales, purchasing, customer service, and quality management in a manufacturing environment all the way to executive marketing manager. Even with her extensive success in business, that “itch” for more had not gone away. In fact, it had only gotten stronger. She wondered if she had hit the famed “mid-life crisis” long before mid-life had even begun.

She decided to leave the business world to become a professional coach and motivational speaker. At first, it was about helping individuals get a job and succeed in their careers, but soon Rosemary realized that what she truly loved was helping people find their true career purpose. After all, she had spent the majority of her life trying to do the same thing using her intuition and key strategies she had learned along the way.

Rosemary now owns and runs Supernova Coaching Enterprises, a firm dedicated to coaching students and adults in finding their true purpose. For three years the company has provided one-on-one and group coaching in the areas of job search mechanics and career discovery. Rosemary also speaks on career topics at colleges, corporations and military bases throughout the United States. Moreover, she has authored an e-book entitled You’re Hired – Career Search Essentials for Today’s Job Market, and is working on a new series of books about using your intuition to discover your perfect career.

Rosemary has come to be known as America’s #1 Power & Success Diva®, due to her ability to help women harness their inner power and build a fulfilling, successful future. For example, a young, female client came to Rosemary for coaching because of a lack of direction in her life. Like many folks out there, the client was not sure whether to quit her current awful job, go back to school or transfer to a new position within her current company.

The first thing Rosemary did was ask her, “If you had unlimited money and resources right now, what would you do?” Without a moment’s hesitation the client responded, “Oh, that’s easy. I’d go back to school.” In fact, the client’s dream was to go either to  Georgetown or Notre Dame. Within four months this client had quit her job and was getting ready to head to the University of Notre Dame for her MBA. Many people believe that they can not make money doing something they love, but Rosemary has found that nothing can be further from the truth.

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