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Heidi Flying First Class

Yesterday I rode First Class on US Airways.  It was the third time in my life that I had the privilege of sitting in First Class.  It felt good. The first two times, while important, did not have the same emotional impact on me that this one did. Those “other times” were when I was on top of the world, an up-and-coming professional speaker, author and if I might add, a little “full” of myself.”  And I took them for granted. Since then like many of our readers I too have had some setbacks both large and small.

But yesterday was different.  Some might say a pivotal point in my personal journey. But first, let me tell you how I got there.

"Ali Swofford, Loral Langemeier, Heidi and Logan"

Ali Swofford, Loral Langemeier, Heidi and Logan

In February I had the good fortune to attend the Cash Machine Workshop in Orlando, Florida hosted by Loral Langemeier. Loral is a well known author, wealth coach and creator of Live Out Loud Community headquartered in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  The Cash Machine was a 3 day intensive training program about how to create your own cash machine. Those three days taught me more about how to “sell” than the previous 29 years running my own businesses had. At the end of the 3 day event, Loral introduced her BIG TABLE.  Loral’s BIG Table is an elite one-year program consisting of coaching, mentoring, masterminding and networking that, if you do the work (and yes, there is a lot of that), you can position yourself to achieve your wealth goals… and then some.

So I signed up… reluctantly I might add. My husband in his infinite wisdom understood the importance of surrounding myself with successful people and learning from them at this stage of my life and he nudged me to go.  And one of my newest clients (we met at Cash Machine) also encouraged me. It was because of his wisdom and her generosity that I could “afford” to attend (a story for another time).

"Heidi, Eric Metcalf, and Dr Mary Lou Luebbe-Gearhart"

Heidi, Eric Metcalf, and Dr Mary Lou Luebbe-Gearhart

On Monday night I arrived at the Live Out Loud Center and proceeded to play the Millionaire Maker Game with 50+ other people. That was only the beginning.  During this 2+ day intensive event we were “reconditioned” (I say that with great respect), to understand our relationship to money, how easy it can be to build wealth (hard work, yes. Rocket science, no), and we were exposed to 42 other like-minded success-driven individuals travelling similar paths.

The BIG TABLE is not about sitting around and listening to speeches, we worked! We tackled our wealth plans, our money blocks, created our sales funnels (or fine-tuned as the case may be), and our debt reduction. We learned about how to create our wealth accounts, created our 120 day plans, get off our lazy assets, met with our mastermind groups (my group is the Cash Closers) and discovered who our 120 day plan coaches were. There was time to fine-tune our expertise and the benefits our products and services offer our clients. Here’s mine:

If You are feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the Internet, I can help you relieve the stress of doing it all yourself. I am an expert in helping women establish their website and monetizing it. Together with the combined experience of the Redhead Marketing Team, you will feel more empowered by Social Media, Internet Marketing and Making Money Online.”

Which brings me to “Flying First Class.”  When I got to the airport in Reno, Nevada to check in for my return flight home something happened to me.  As I was printing out the boarding pass for my seat in coach, Danna, a US Airways clerk mentioned that there was one seat left in First Class and for only $200 I could upgrade.  Being the conservative person that I am and having just learned so much about building wealth, I declined, said Thank you and left.  As I was walking away I thought about it. First Class… hmmmm.  The only thing standing between Coach and a First Class upgrade (translated ~ a great seat on the plane, a hot meal and free adult beverages) is $200?!  So I turned around and bought it!

Yes,  I could have put the $200 in my wealth account or bought a new pair of shoes or had a day of pampering, but the ticket was about more than the seat itself. It was symbolic of what it feels like to be on top of the world (again). Remembering that feeling is what is going to motivate me to achieve those goals I set for myself during Loral’s BIG TABLE. Phase 1 of the Big Table ended on Wednesday and today my new life began (you can learn more about my plans at Redhead Marketing, Inc . where I will be sharing some of the concepts learned and give you my own input and progress reports).

Special thanks to Mark who took my picture during the flight, and to all the presenters who motivated me in a way that few have before. Some of their pictures are sprinkled throughout this post; you can find the rest  posted on my Facebook profile ~

If you would like to learn more about Loral’s Cash Machine Workshop or The Big Table, or join the Live out

"The Cash Closers Steve Woodcock, John Ogden, Heidi and Mary Ellen Nichols"

The "Cash Closers" Steve Woodcock, John Ogden, Heidi and Mary Ellen Nichols (missing: Teresa Sellers and Joann Snell)

Loud Community (for free) visit Live Out Loud TODAY.


PS. Happy Birthday, Loral!