New Company Helps Travelers Save Money ~ and Earn Cash

"FlightCar Puts Travelers in the Driver’s Seat"The sharing economy is just beginning its momentum, and is estimated to have already saved consumers $3.5 billion last year.

A recent innovative addition to the industry is FlightCar (, the world’s first car sharing company to operate at airports. FlightCar has proven itself as a bold and successful player in the sharing economy model – currently in San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles, with more cities on the way. Travelers get free parking and an opportunity to earn money. Instead of leaving your car unused at the airport while you’re away, you can let FlightCar rent it to an approved member and get paid.

Here’s how it works: List your car at On the day of travel, drop off your car at the designated secure parking lot. After a quick check-in, a black town car will drop you off curbside at the terminal. Upon your return, a black town car will pick you up at the designated time and meeting place. If your car was rented, your check will be in the mail!

In addition to free secure parking, free drop off and pick up, FlightCar will give your car a thorough car wash – even if it wasn’t rented. Plus, FlightCar provides each vehicle owner with $1M in liability coverage and complete coverage on the value of the vehicle, offering total protection from any incidents.