"Five Ways to Eat Clean on a Budget"Celebrity Nutrition Expert Explains How You Can Eat Clean Without Breaking The Bank

You might think that only the Gwyneth Paltrows and Beyonces of the world can afford to eat clean. Not so, says celebrity trainer, model, and nutrition expert, Joey Thurman.

People of all financial backgrounds can eat clean. Yes, healthy eating comes much easier if you are wealthy, but it is not something that only rich people can enjoy. In fact, preparing healthy, whole meals at home can actually save you money in the long run.

Here are Thurman’s top tips for how to eat clean on a budget:

  1. Shop at a farmer’s market or join a CSA (community supported agriculture). “A CSA will deliver fresh fruits and veggies to your door, all grown by local farmers. Not only will you be eating clean, but you will be supporting farmers in your own community,” says Thurman, “If you think you can’t manage to eat all that delicious produce on your own, you can share the costs of CSA membership with your friends and split up the bounty.”
  2. Grow what you can. “Stop spending five dollars on basil every time you go to the grocery,” says Thurman, “It is easy to grow your own herbs, even if you live in an apartment in the city. The cost of seeds is negligible, and with just a little sunshine and water, you can have fresh herbs to spruce up your meals whenever you desire.”
  3. Go used. “Craigslist is awesome when it comes to finding gently used kitchen tools,” says Thurman. “Get a secondhand juicer or a blender to make fruit smoothies for breakfast. You can also get handy items like knife sets, cutting boards and more.”
  4. Do what you can. “Not everything that passes through your lips has to be organic,” says Thurman. “If you can’t afford organic everything, then get to know the ‘Dirty Dozen’ and simply buy organic when it comes to those items. Remember, perfection isn’t the goal. It’s all about doing your best and being mindful of what you eat.”
  5. Stock up on frozen veggies. “Frozen vegetables are great,” says Thurman, “Many people wrongly think that these items don’t have as many nutrients as fresh veggies, but this just isn’t true. Vegetables are frozen at the peak of their freshness, and most of their nutrients stay intact. So don’t be afraid to buy frozen produce whenever it is on sale. Then you can easily defrost and add to your dinner with little muss and fuss…all for less than a run to a McDonald’s drive-thru!”