Of those who will celebrate Valentine’s Day, men look to be the bigger spenders, planning to spend around £44 on average, compared to £26 for women. 

But let’s not forget, it is the 21st century, and as we can’t go out this year maybe it’s time for women to take the reins. Whilst we’d normally venture into the city for a romantic meal or a cinema trip out, current lockdown rules limit our options. 

But, not to worry as there are still plenty of unexpected ways you can surprise your man this Valentines and ignite romance from the comfort of your own space. From enticing aromas to heart-racing games, apartment rental brand Essential Living can reveal five affordable ways you can treat your partner on February 14th. Who says staying in can’t be sexy?

1. Spray Some Romantic Aromas

Pleasant odours instantly mask attraction, so why not surprise your partner and spray a little romance in the air. Rose is a traditional symbol of love, and this Rose Room Spray from Amazon will only set you back £6.50.

Research has found floral scents like jasmine can induce a romantic vibe in your home. Invest in an M&S White Jasmine and Rose Diffuser costing £15, you can create a long lasting jasmine aroma  inside your bedroom- which is also good for promoting sleep

For the evening, dim the lights and light the wick on some warm candles. The Smell and Taste Research Foundation found that lavender and cinnamon helped to entice the opposite sex, so why not use Valentines as an excuse to treat your man (and yourself) to a Yankee Candle, currently on offer at £18.95- bonus!

2. Create the Perfect Romantic Meal Setting

If you have gotten into the habit of eating your dinner slumped in front of the TV, then Valentine’s is the perfect excuse to set the table and create the perfect romantic scenery.  If you live in a high-rise apartment, make the most of the space you have, and move your dining table next to a window with a view.

Get the posh glassware out- when the posh knives and forks are out, you know it’s a special occasion- so even if it’s just for the two of you, set the scene and the table for a special evening.

Red is the typical Valentines colour- but not everyone’s favourite when it comes to home decor- so, why not opt for a white tablecloth, contrasted with red napkins, candles and rose petals scattered across your table. This shows you have made an effort to create a romantic themed setting.

3. Plan the Perfect Meal

The way to many men’s hearts is through their stomach, so make an effort to put the foods they love most in front of them. If you aren’t exactly the Gordon Ramsey type, Deliveroo has always got your back. Men can’t resist an Indian takeaway and beer combo, and this way you’re supporting your local businesses during lockdown, and avoiding cooking! You can find which takeaways are offering the best discounts and voucher codes at HotUKDeals.

In between courses, you could make your meal a little more exciting by playing the ‘taste test game’, with a variety of different flavours you can pick up from any low-cost supermarket.

Blindfold your partner and make them guess what each particular taste reminds them of, whether it be a trip away or the first restaurant you both visited. This is a nice way to add a bit of nostalgia and flirtation to your evening meal. 

4. Plan a Surprise Gift 

Last year, 20% of females spent no money on Valentine’s day, but it’s not all about expensive gifts, it’s the thought that counts! A small surprise can go a long way, and if you have been together for a number of years, it is nice to look back at the good memories you have shared.

Why not create your partner a small memory book, packed with your favourite photos from over the years you can both smile at together. Many online companies such as Photobox, Vistaprint and Bonusprint allow you to create your own book, depending on size will cost you around £5 to £15. 

Alternatively, if your partner has mentioned something they have seen on the television or in a magazine, why not surprise them with it. Despite lockdown, many online retailers are still safely delivering to your doorstep. Doing this will show you pay attention to them more than they may think. 

5. Keep Sparks Flying with Romantic Games

After overindulging, it is easy to just want to slump on the sofa and put any old film on. But, you want this night to be memorable right? Why not have some after-dinner fun and put each other to the test.

The Romantic Couple Game is designed to cultivate connectedness, whilst putting your relationship to the test. In the game there will be a variety of subjects about your relationship” and you have to both have five seconds to write down your answers. Suited for any couple, this game is fun and a great intimacy booster and will only cost you £4.04!

Or if you don’t need games to keep the night alive, prepare a Spotify playlist packed with both of your favourite songs – perfect for a sing-along. Music is an all-round mood booster, great for wherever the night may lead.

By following these tips, you can create a romantic, low-cost Valentine’s day for you and your partner.