"Five Sexy Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day"(And They Are Good For Your Health)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and as the biggest romantic holiday of the year, it can create overwhelming pressure and expectations for a couple to achieve the best sex ever. The pressure to perform is a fact of life for many men. But sex can be good for a relationship as well as for a man’s health.

Dudley Seth Danoff, MD, FACS, men’s urologist and expert for more than thirty years, advocates having sex—and not just on Valentine’s Day. He is known for his candid and good-natured style that makes it easier for men (and the partners in their lives) to talk about and handle a myriad of medical situations.

An author and requested guest on national radio and television shows, Dr. Danoff is a graduate of Princeton University and Yale University Medical School. He has taught on the clinical faculty of the UCLA School of Medicine for more than twenty-five years and is the founder and president of the prestigious Cedars-Sinai Tower Urology Medical Group in Los Angeles. Urologist to many Hollywood stars and the recipient of national and international honors, Dr. Danoff is also senior attending urologist at the Saban Los Angeles Free Clinic.

Dr. Danoff explains the complexity and mystery of the male anatomy; addresses the fears, fiction, and fantasies of men and women alike; and alleviates the shame, curiosity, and misinformation, replacing them with knowledge, pride, and the self-confidence that comes from knowing that the key to a healthy sex life lies 99 percent between the ears and only 1 percent between the legs.

If you need an expert on men’s health issues, including those involving embarrassing subjects like erectile dysfunction (including blue pills and other medical cures), and tips for having a healthy, active sex life at any age, Dr. Danoff is available for radio and television interviews and also has numerous articles available for your immediate use on a variety of topics, including:

  1. How to Have a Healthy Valentine’s Day: Have Sex!

Sex not only is one of life’s great pleasures—and a way to express your love—but also provides excellent health benefits. Sex is good for your cardiovascular health, your mood, and your psychological well-being. It is a natural tranquilizer with no bad side effects, and it benefits circulation, stimulates the nervous system and the prostate gland, and clears up mental cobwebs by invigorating the whole body.

  1. 5 Ways to Invigorate Your Love Life

When was the last time you tried something new with your partner? Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to shake up your sex life. Forget the rules—and create your own. Both you and your partner will reap the benefits of a reinvigorated sex life.

  1. Don’t Let Performance Anxiety Ruin Your Valentine’s Day

Since the month of February brings us Valentine’s Day and expectations of love, romance, and sex, now is a good time to discuss performance anxiety—and how to avoid it. Most men measure themselves against standards built on fantasy, not reality, but to avoid performance anxiety you must remember that there is enormous variety among men with respect to sex drive, capacity, preferences, and standards of satisfaction.

  1. Valentine’s Day: Not Just for the Young

An ageless love life begins with a confident approach toward sex. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by exploring the possibilities—don’t let your age stop you. Adjust your sexual activities as your body changes, just as you adjust other activities, and as you age, learn to use your mind and imagination to make up for in creativity what you may lack in physical strength.

  1. The Best Aphrodisiac Might Not Be What You Expect

Nearly every culture in every period of history has a record of substances alleged to stimulate sexual desire and improve virility. Medical science has found no evidence that these aphrodisiacs work. From his clinical experience, Dr. Danoff long ago concluded that the greatest aphrodisiac ever invented is love itself. This Valentine’s Day, follow the doctor’s advice and keep the love and affection alive, and you won’t need any mythical concoctions.