"Multitasking Woman Learning to Outsource"Simplify Your Life with Outsourced Services

With packed work schedules and on-the-go lifestyles, it seems like the professional moms and professional dads never have enough hours to check everything off their to-do lists. To help simplify lives and relieve stress, more and more companies offer outsourced services for individuals and businesses. From homecare to dog walking, the following five categories provide non-traditional solutions for services to outsource.

1. Homecare: Caring for a loved one with a chronic illness like heart failure or pneumonia can be a daunting and challenging task without the proper knowledge and necessary time. Luckily, homecare agencies provide quality medical and non-medical services to families, hospitals, clinics, and senior living facilities. Select a qualified homecare provider that requires a strict screening process for all caregivers and has a Registered Nurse oversee each case, like BrightStar Care®. In addition, a select group of homecare providers, including BrightStar Care, is accredited by The Joint Commission, a third-party quality standards organization, to ensure a superior level of quality and service.

2. Writing: Whether it’s blogging for a company website, bylined articles for magazines or even entire books, the basic act of writing can be outsourced to professional writers. For doctors, celebrities, attorneys and others lacking the time, outsourced writing help is an invaluable resource.

3. Household Chores: While everyone enjoys a clean house, very few people actually enjoy cleaning the house or completing basic everyday tasks. Websites like Angie’s List help locate service providers ranging from landscapers and lawn mowers to carpet cleaners and household cleaners. In addition, individuals can look to outsource dog walking or laundry services to lighten the load of everyday tasks.

4. Sales: Proper sales are critical to the function of most businesses, but not every business has the capacity for a full sales team. To help maintain growth or attract new business, companies can outsource their sales division to a third party. This tactic also provides flexibility and allows companies to have a sales team without having to provide a base salary or benefits.

5. Cooking & Grocery Shopping: Not everyone has the time to frequent the grocery store and cook delicious meals. To help families and individuals who desire gourmet or specialized meals but lack the time, services like DineWise offer nationwide delivery for chef prepared meals. Entrees can even be specialized to fit certain diets, including low sodium or diabetic meals. If you still want to enjoy the cooking part, grocery delivery services like Peapod allow individuals to select the food items they want from an online database and Peapod promptly delivers them.

Founded in 2002 as a family business, BrightStar Care® provides the full continuum of homecare and childcare, including pediatric, adult and elder care, newborn care, babysitter, and nanny services. BrightStar delivers skilled person-centered care to clients one-on-one in their home or wherever and whenever they need care through its more than 250 independently owned and operated locations nationwide. The Gurnee, Illinois, based company also offers medical staffing services for individuals, families, healthcare facilities, and anywhere healthcare staff is needed. For more information, visit them online at www.BrightStarCare.com , on Facebook at “BrightStar Care” or on Twitter @brightstarcare.