Microphone…  That Can Immediately Blow Your Chance To Connect With Your Audience by Lorraine Cohen

As a seasoned host, I have interviewed great guests and some poor ones.

Below are five of the fastest ways to alienate and turn off your audience.

1. Over-pitching instead of adding value.

Have you ever listened to a program that was really a giant commercial for the guest? Hosts want guests who deliver high quality content in an entertaining way. Interviews provide initial introductions to new people. The more value you provide the more attractive you become to listeners who might become customers, clients, and raving fans who become fabulous referral resources.

2. Withholding – not sharing tips people can implement.

I call these teasers when guests allude to something useful and are reluctant to share more. Withholding can alienate your audience by suggesting that if they want to receive something of value from you, they will have to pay for it. Coming into an interview with a sincere desire to be of service to helping others succeed is one surefire way to make you memorable. In today’s economy, making heart connections is the new language of relationship building and a powerfull way to build instant rapport with your audience.

3. Using jargon or industry specific language.

Keep your message and information easy to understand. I once had a guest refer to a specific assessment tool that he successfully used with clients. I stopped briefly to explain what the assessment was so listeners weren’t confused. Be attentive to presenting information that might require a brief explanation or example to make your point.

4. Rambling.

Have you ever listened to someone who was long-winded or went off on tangents? Rambling comments can quickly cost you audience attention by showing you as unprepared and can diminish your credibility as a guest or expert. And radio shows vary in length with many guest booked for individual segments. You may only have five minutes to make your points and leave a positive impression with listeners!

5. Distracting speech patterns such as too many uhms & ya knows.

Some may be unconscious habits and trendy words or phrases. When overused (every other word, how you begin each sentence, a consistent way of responding without variation in a conversation), they can cost you the audience attention, dilute your message, and be very off putting.

Bottom Line: Always consider your audience.

Get clear on your expectations and intentions for the interview including your reasons for doing them in the first place. Let go of any attachments to the outcome, show up to share your brilliance and have fun. They’ll love you for it!

To your success in bringing your passion and message out into the world!

Lorraine Cohen is the Founder of Powerfull Living, Reverend Dr. Lorraine Cohen is a gifted spiritual life coach, popular broadcaster, published writer, and in demand inspirational speaker. For more than 25 years, Lorraine has coached thousands of conscious women business owners and transformational catalysts to overcome the limitations of their mind and fears, to know their value, and bring their message to a global audience while creating a prosperous life. Learn more about Lorraine at www.powerfullliving.biz and check out her 5-week Radio & Teleseminar Homestudy program to help you become a knock-your socks off guest! www.beagreatradioguest.com