That Automatically Gets Help and Collects Evidence

Two married graduate students have developed a smart wearable device to detect violent attacks. The discrete and automatic solution can identify, deter, apprehend, and prosecute attackers.

Rachel and Arthur Emanuele launched First Sign Technologies at SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, to start making society a little safer. No security system or self-defense option has ever addressed as many problems in one solution. The automatic alarm is activated when forces associated with a violent attack are detected with the hair clip’s accelerometer and gyroscope. It then uses the cell phone to collect more evidence and call for help.

The couple that founded First Sign Technologies was overwhelmed with the positive response they received when people found out about their automatic mobile security system. Violence against women is far too common and First Sign is the first solution to not only be automatic, but to focus on increasing the prosecution rate.

Automatic: An automatic alarm trigger is critical because the majority of attackers use the element of surprise, or your trust, to catch you off guard.

“We have the advantage of automatic security. If I am in trouble, the last thing I would be able to do is take out my phone, enter the password, get into the app, and press a help button.” –Rachel Emanuele

Great Alternative to Weapons: Firearms, knives, stun-guns, pepper spray, panic buttons and cell phones all become useless when the attacker has the element of surprise, or even worse, your trust. Moreover, it is uncertain how anyone will react under duress.

Lifestyle Friendly: The hair clip can be worn discretely concealed under the hair, as a fashion accessory, or clipped somewhere close. Either way, the clip is “out of sight and out of mind” but it will never stop working for you. There will be a 15-second window to deactivate in the rare case of a false alarm.

Deter: The deterring effect starts by notifying the attacker with the phone’s speaker that “Evidence has been collected and help is on the way.” The attacker will no longer be able to act without consequences.

Prosecution: Evidence is immediately collected once the alarm is activated. A microphone on the hair clip transmits audio evidence while the phone is used for its camera, GPS, speaker, and cell signal. The evidence is streamed to the monitoring station so all evidence will remain available to prosecutors even if the phone is destroyed.

Situational Uses: The Hair Clip can be used when dating, walking at night, driving, exercising alone, traveling, when workers are in your home, conducting a Craigslist or similar transaction, and more.

Cutting Edge: A paradigm shift in the security industry is underway. Companies such as ADT have already changed their strategic plans to focus on “Everyday Security.” First Sign Technologies is on the cutting edge of the shift in personal safety. They are the first mobile security system against violent crimes and the only solution that has the capability to identify, deter, apprehend, and prosecute attackers.

Where to Buy: The entrepreneurial couple is excited to start accepting pre-orders and contributions through their Indiegogo campaign. A strong show of support from society over the next 30 days is needed for First Sign to start providing peace of mind and safety by the end of this year. People that believe in the mission and product can pre-order here.

View This Infographic Which Illustrates How It Works: Please visit this link to view and share our infographic:


First Sign Technologies was founded in 2013 after a year of research based on the co-founder’s, Rachel Emanuele, comment. “I want something that protects me: not the property, just me.” They now have a strong group of partners in the security, electronic design and manufacturing, risk mitigation, and social awareness fields. Their story went from their college paper to the homepage of CNN US in less than a week. An Indiegogo campaign to pre-sell their products and bring this solution to market is now live.