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Instead of slaving in the kitchen this Valentine’s Day why not order Finger Foods from BigChefOnline.com?

Finger Foods are a Sensual Delight Perfect for Valentines Day… or Any Day Appetizers From Big Chef! the Gourmet Food Manufacturer direct to consumer

Showcased in this video are six sensually delicious appetizers that will Have Her (or him) Eating Out of Your Fingers This Valentines Day…. Chicken chili lime bits, brie appetizers, lobster wellington, pomegranate eggplant crowns, mini goat cheese pizza’s and more! Here is their description and product numbers to make ordering from BigChef easier!

Chicken chili lime bites Chicken batteredand bursting with flavor

Brie raspberry purse Mouth-watering delicate brie cheese enfolded with raspberry preserve

Lobster Wellington Succulent lobster chunk and sautéed mushroom in Marsala wine sauce

Feta Sundried tomato was the Award Winner: “Best Ethnic Food in the Americas” IV Award

Pomegranate eggplant crowns Luscious fusion of pomegranate, eggplant and pecan

Goat cheese spinach mini pizza Goat cheese and spinach “Silver” Dollar Size Pizza

About Big chef: Since 1999 Big Chef a Health-conscious, Lean & Green freshly prepared frozen Foods Company has been Specializing in Gourmet canapés, Appetizers & Hors d’oeuvres for Hospitality Industry & Consumers delivered to your door

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