By Naomi Tickle


We are born with an “inner blueprint.”  However, we tend to get off track and end up being lost.  We receive advice from well meaning friends, family members and teachers, which can often confuse things even more.  We then take numerous tests and still are lost.   The system I use for determining our blue print, Personology, validates much of what we know about ourselves and helps us to get back on track with our life.  Simply put, it connects the dots and gives us a clearer direction to take our career.

If you were to look back through your life and think about the activities that stirred your interest, you would see a repeated thread running through.  At an early age my son showed an interest in cooking.  More interest than any other member of my family.  I just saw this as a passing phase.  During the holidays, he would apply for jobs at restaurants where he worked in the kitchen.  Then on leaving school, with no particular career in mind, he worked for a company making muffins.  Today, he makes the most incredible commercial toffee brittle and enjoys developing new variations of the brittle.  It just melts in your mouth.  Sometimes I help him out at the farm markets, customers take a bite and the expression on their faces is of pure delight.  He now plans to launch his own business full time next year.  If we had taken his interest more seriously when he was a teenager, he would have been many years ahead of the game.  He has found now his path. However, there are thousands of people out there still looking for their purpose in life.  Many never do.  That is why I enjoy the work that I do, helping other’s discover their purpose.  Oh, if you are a toffee brittle fan, just give him a call at the Happy Campers Candy Company 530 877 5505 you can order directly from him.  Guaranteed to melt in your mouth.  The brittle is soft not hard.

I was recently in a restaurant and noticed a four-year-old boy who had a gift for music.  After some hesitation, I decided to go up to his father and commented to him “you have a musician in the family”.  He responded “well yes, he is a very accomplished trombone player for his age and also plays the saxophone.”  Then he said in a surprised voice “how did you know?”  He probably thought I was some psychic.  I then explained that his son’s “C” shaped ear indicated a love of music and that he too had this trait.  Yes, he loved to play the drums and was a member of a band.  Whenever I see someone with a gift, I feel the need to share these insights.  Particularly children or teenagers.  Who knows, it could make all the difference in their life. So if you hear of someone searching for their life purpose, suggest they contact me.  A career profile could make a significant difference in that person’s life.

Trait discussion – Forward/Backward Balance

When there is more head behind the ear compared with the front, these individuals dwell on the past.  When there is more head in front of the ear these individuals will focus on the future.

To determine this trait, take a pencil and line it up vertically on the front of the ear and then take another pencil and place it horizontally on the back of the head. The end of the pencil will be facing you.  Position it at mid-point between the ear and top of head.  Notice how much space there is between the two pencils.  Now take the pencil from the back of the head and place it on the bridge of the nose, keeping one pencil still on the front of the ear lobe.  Be careful not to poke the eye.  Now determine if there is more head in front of the ear compared with the back or more in the back compared with the front.  To make an accurate assessment one does need to be trained.  However, this will give you a general feel for what to look for.  It’s easier to spot this trait on men than women, because there is less hair to deal with.

The person with more head behind the ear, backward balance, will run situations over in their head again and again to the point where it sounds like an old broken record.  If you’ve heard about it once, you’ll hear it a thousand times.  It is hard for them to turn it off. Add close set eyes to this trait, then they will be consumed by what is bothering them until it gets bigger than life.  If they experienced a negative outcome in the past, say like an exam, or getting lost, then that’s where they go to when that challenge faces them again.

Individuals with backward balance enjoy being in the background, rather than up front where they can be noticed.  So if they had the dramatic trait (eyebrows flare upwards) which relates to the theatre, they would rather be the support person, rather than on stage.

We sometimes meet people or have a family member that goes on and on about what happened in the past.  They never seem to let it go.  Check out the head next time.  The merit of this trait is that these individuals are great support people.  They will bend over backwards to help you.  You will also find they enjoy antiques, reading historical novels, visiting historical places or researching anything that is of a historical nature.  Women with this trait will enjoy wearing antique jewelry.  During a workshop at an Image Conference, I asked a woman who was wearing a very old looking red to stand up.  I explained to the audience that the shade of red had a more historical look to it.  In response the woman shared that her major at University was history.  No surprise, the red looked fantastic on her and captured a reflection of her blueprint.

An individual who has more head in front of the ear compared to the back, is generally more forward in their thinking.  They focus on the future and do not dwell on the past.  It’s water under the bridge.  They love to be recognized for what they have done.  In children we might see they demand lots of attention.  Look at me, see what I’ve done.  If they don’t get that recognition then they may well create situations that will bring them the attention they seek.  We would expect to see this trait in leaders of countries, organizations and businesses.  More forward thinking people.

If the above trait is combined with the flared eyebrow, they’ll love to be “on stage”.  This could be as an actor or actress, a speaker or trainer or any activity that puts them in front of an audience.  If you have a child with this trait combination, you might encourage them to participate in an activity that gives them the stage.  Even sports would be a stage setting.  They will love it and it channels this need for attention in the right direction.

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