By Jenny Lynne

Immerse yourself in nature and take an introspective moment to listen to your heart. After all, in nature comes clarity. Love is everywhere and nature gives us subtle hints as proof. You may even start seeing the universal symbol of love – a heart!

Make this spring all about you. Listen openly to and take interest in YOU. Jump into your head and see things through your own eyes. Go for a hike, walk or just sit on a park bench. Take in a deep breath with the intention that you’re about to create an opportunity where you can introduce a new way of cultivating a loving environment. Metaphorically nourish yourself and become reconnected with your own voice. Follow the path of things that ignite that spark. Surrender to all things love. Love is everywhere; are you seeing it?

  • Love out loudWhat would that sound like?
  • Love your life. What would that feel like?
  • Love in 3D. What would that look like?
A heart shaped rock, commonly found, is always welcomed and should be treated like treasure when stumbled upon. Do you pick it up and take it for yourself or leave it in its place for others to take pleasure in nature’s largess? There’s no right or wrong answer. The heart, symbolizing surrounding love, has its own personal meaning. What does it mean to you? When nature shows you a heart, cherish it!
Love – what a powerful word. It can move mountains or take your breath away. Never underestimate it. When you’re on your walk, do you really see what you’re seeing? Learn to be present and your heart will become one with nature. Open your mind and your heart will follow. How do you show love?
à   Do you live it?
à   Do you give it?
à   Do you hide from it?
à   Do you run towards it?
à   Do you dabble with it?
à   Do you withhold it?
à   Do you believe in it?
à    Do you crave it?
à    Do you connect with it?
à    Do you need it?
à    Do you seek it?
à    Do you speak it?
Being clear on what love is to you is crucial in order to make any healthy adjustments to your mental and spiritual wellbeing.
"FINDING LOVE IN NATURE"Hopefully the message is clearly being conveyed on the importance of disconnecting, unplugging and finding peace in a quiet and a natural way. Nature’s unexpected hearts will appear in the most beautiful form. It could be a leaf, stone, puddle, plant, in the sky or even a snake keeping its distance. But you have to be mindful of them! Don’t show up half way. Disrupt all unnecessary and negative thoughts then shift back to the fundamental and basic knowledge that we all long to love and to be loved. Understand that not all the hearts have to be perfect in shape or something that was man-made to represent love. They come in all shapes and sizes and are as unique as snowflakes. Each has its own beauty. Some are strong while others are fragile. Kind of resembles us, don’t you think?
After an evening rain, there could be a heart shaped stain leaving its heart print, holding onto last remnants of moisture in the air before it disappears like it was never there. Only a few who chose that path during those fleeting moments would share space with that heart. And even fewer would be aware of its existence though it’s right there in front of them. Would you see it? Be present to the point you draw a blank and have to create a thought. Here’s your chance to create a loving one. Awaken a new awareness and engage in finding new forms of love!
Short, sweet, simple yet true. Love is in the heart of the matter. Seek it, live it. You’ll be a better version of you.
There’s nothing wrong with being cheesy or sappy. Pull out the slingshot and shoot out hearts. Snack on love, or better yet, eat it for lunch. Be infectious about it.
  • Life is precious. Love with all your heart!
  • Be compassionate. Have a bleeding heart!
  • Rediscover. Make a change from your heart!
  • Be cautious! Stay away from a poisonous heart!
“Look up, look down, look all around…be open to nature’s hearts that abound.” -Jenny Lynne
Jenny Lynne is an inventor, connector, entrepreneur and an author. She found her passion and is devoted to inspiring others to by finding hearts in nature.  Her two beautifully illustrated picture books, HEARTS  and HEARTS FOR KIDS, capture naturally occurring or accidental hearts found around the world and photographed by her. Each heart image is accompanied by a caption that encompasses her wit, humor and sometimes seriousness by describing the emotions and perceptions that were evoked. Nature’s incomparable beauty and sometimes not-so-subtle appearance is a reminder that love is ever present. She encourages people to email her heart images via the contact form on her website ( or post them to her social media (#jennylynnebooks).