The Newest Breed of Social Networking Site Has Arrived!

By Mary McShane

find new friends on frucleAt one time or another in our lives we’ve all felt like our circle of friends left something to be desired. Perhaps it’s simply to increase the size of the existing group or maybe a need is felt to find brand new friends with new interests and fresh insights. But where does one turn in such instances? For those who lack the time, talent or the assertiveness to make friends with the person next to them, this Frucle is a new breed of social networking site that can make many people’s friend-making dreams a reality.

Technology has taken social networking to new heights; powerhouses like MySpace and Facebook dominate our lives. Both are great forums to reconnect with old friends, keep in touch with family and manage existing relationships. Unlike these giants, who are geared towards connecting with existing friends, Frucle matches you with brand new people in your area who share common interests. And unlike or eHarmony, Frucle does not charge for membership nor does it focus on creating romantic connections. Frucle’s sole objective is to help the user form new platonic relationships. Complete with interest-based personality matching, Frucle is the next logical step; its sole focus is to help individuals meet new friends and then aiding them in taking those new connections live in the real world.

The site has a unique compatibility algorithm designed to match friends up based on the interest profile created by each person when they join the site. Not only does the site automatically match you with others based on your score, but it also allows you to search based on a wide range of criteria if you’d like to get really specific. If you’re the adventurous sort, try the “Fumble” feature and let Frucle suggest some friends for you at random.

So now that you’ve found your new BFF, what’s next? Individual users are geo-coded to facilitate both friendship connections near them, as well as coupons in their area. All users are given a myriad of coupons local to their location that give them the incentive to go out in the real world and meet their new connections. The coupon selection ranges from small mom & pop ice cream shops to extreme sporting facilities. For every interest, a coupon can be found to facilitate a meeting. This site holds equal interest for families looking for play dates as it does for a single person looking for a buddy to grab a drink with during a sporting event.

Frucle offers more than just great benefits for users. In a down economy, this startup offers cost effective advertising for local businesses. And by cost effective, we’re talking FREE. Several months of initial advertizing costs have been waived in an effort to stimulate advertisers and boost user adoption. This is a win-win situation for all involved in that businesses that advertise can do so with low-risk and also bring in new business they may not have otherwise had; users get great deals for places that may be just around the corner that they would have otherwise overlooked.

As our lives seem to get busier and busier, a tool such as this comes at the perfect time. steps in to fill a void that other sites have inadvertently left. Something for everyone can be found in one location that makes wonderful new introductions and give you great deals to places you’ll enjoy.

About the Author: After receiving my BSBA from UNLV, I went on to refine a prosperous career in the IWMS software industry. As mother to twins, I’m short on free time; finding fast and efficient ways to network with people like myself, not only personally but professionally as well, is imperative. Visit: for more information

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