In this video Jackie Ulmer shares how to Boost Business during the holiday season and gives some tips to fill your calendar for January.

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Here are just a few tips to help you get on that phone.

· Put yourself in a positive frame of mind before you make the call so you can transfer your enthusiasm to the person you are calling.

· Set your intention for the call. What do you want to have happen? How about reminding them you are there to help them with their holiday shopping? Help them to shop by suggesting companion items that will compliment what they have already ordered.

· Make first impressions count. The first fifteen seconds sets the tone for your entire call. Your most effective introduction is one given with professionalism and warmth.

· Respect their time. “Is this a good time for you?” will show respect for your customer. Don’t assume your customer is available when you call. Respect their time and privacy, and they will remember your sincerity.

· Build rapport. Everyone wants to feel special, so build rapport with a compliment or gesture of friendship.

· Go for the gold! You made the call – now make the most of the opportunity by offering to…

1) Save money by shopping for the holidays with their hostess credit and/or discounts.

2) Earn holiday cash by becoming a “Holiday Helper” by starting their business just in time to collect orders for the holidays.

3) Shop in a safe and hassle-free environment of their home or office with a group of friends or just the two of you.

· No matter what the result of your customer call, always ask for a referral by saying, “Who do you know who still needs to do their holiday shopping or who could use some additional money this time of year?” People respect you when you are purposeful and professional.

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