Feng Shui Tips to for a Great Vacation Getaway By Marie Diamond

We all long to create an easy flow in our lives. One way to do this is to use feng shui, the ancient art developed by the Chinese to increase the flow of positive energy (“chi”) in any environment. “Feng shui” literally means “wind and water”… two elements occurring in nature that represent positive movement and flow.

You may have heard of using feng shui to design a home or a room, but did you know its principles can also be used to promote a positive flow of energy during your vacation? Here are some feng shui tips that will help make your getaway the relaxing time-out you’ve been looking forward to.

Before You Travel

When you travel, don’t invite chaos by leaving chaos behind. If you leave your home in chaos, you will attract the same energy during your vacation. This can manifest as problems with hotel rooms, difficult airline connections or other misfortunes.

1. To ensure a safe and joyful holiday, before leaving prepare your home for a welcoming return. Pay particular attention to the kitchen – give away or throw out any leftovers or outdated food, and be sure to empty all trashcans. Garbage of any kind is stagnating and reduces the flow of energy. Stock your cabinets, too, so you are greeted with a feeling of abundance when you get home.

2. If you will be away for more than a few days, ask a friend to care for your plants, open the curtains on the day of your return to let the light in and place some natural air fresheners around so your home will smell fresh and clean.

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On The Road

Leaving the responsibilities of home behind for a vacation can be the change that you need. The word “change” can be seen as a combination of the words chi and angle. When you go away on vacation, you experience the chi, or life force, from another angle. For most of us, change helps us recharge. But it also requires adjustments to our daily habits, which can be stressful. These feng shui tips will help you minimize the stress of change and create inner peace on the road.

1. Take pictures of your home and family with you. You can show them to the people you meet or just look at them yourself for comfort. They will help you maintain an energetic connection to your home and loved ones.

2. Take favorite scents from home with you, such as your favorite scented candle or incense. (Check hotel safety rules before lighting anything.) If possible, open the windows to let fresh air into your hotel room when you first arrive. Getting the air moving is a great way to clear any stagnation and increase the chi in your environment.

3. Take some scarves with you to brighten up your hotel or motel rooms and make your stay more restful.

Hang a scarf over the TV or any mirrors before you retire for the night. This will improve your sleep by cutting down on the reflecting surfaces in the room.

Place a scarf over sharp corners of night tables. Sharp corners can disrupt the flow of chi.

Place a scarf over any image on the wall that is not pleasing to you.

4. In your hotel room, make sure the telephone and alarm clock are on the ground and not next to your ears. Being awakened abruptly can chase your holiday mood away!

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After Returning Home

When you return from a vacation, do you experience mixed feelings? It’s not uncommon to long for just a little more time away from it all. But it’s also nice to come home, too, since traveling can be exhausting. Whatever your mood, feng shui can help smooth your re-entry.

1. Immediately open the windows to bring in fresh chi. Turn on some soft music and walk around to create flow. Say hello to all your plants and animals and every room of the house. Smile and bless everything, say positive things and think positive thoughts.

2. Unpack your luggage – don’t let it sit. This will give you a fresh start and bring the new energy you gathered on your vacation into your life. Place some reminders of your vacation in the south area of your living room.

3. Take a shower or bath to make the water run again – which will help the flow of chi. Use lavender soap to wash away the stress of traveling.

4. Start using your stove the day you arrive. Prepare a light meal or simply heat up water for a cup of tea. This brings warmth and life back into your home.

5. After you get settled, use the insights and positive energy you gathered on your vacation to think about the coming months. Hang inspirational images of your dreams and goals in the north area of your office or bedroom.

Happy Vacation!

About the Author ~ Marie Diamond is a feng shui master and spiritual teacher. Her many international clients include petrochemical companies, software agencies, banks, fashion houses, spas, hotels and restaurants, film and theatre production companies. She has also served as a personal feng shui consultant to individuals and families around the world, including many celebrities in the fields of entertainment and publishing. Republished with Permission.