by Leela Francis


What does it mean to FEEL your way through life? I am privileged to lead a large tribe of women on this subject, and I thought that the WE family would definitely find the merit in this message.  Feeling my way through life is something my body could explain in about thirty seconds.  But when I try to find words for it – well, let’s just say that it’s more than words could really capture.

I always moved IN my body. I danced my way through so many beautiful events in my life – through loves and triumphs – and I danced my way through the toughest tragedies, like losing my dad when I was seventeen. What words would have carried me through that anyway?  My body carried me through – it danced, it swirled, it slammed the earth with pounding feet and heartbeats of sorrow. It moved me from one side of grief to the other more times than I care to admit. But as I moved forward and danced and loved my life, as I made lifelong friends and grew to know other women, I was amazed at how many of them lived their lives from the neck up.  Who struggled to articulate everything – every experience, day after day. Their bodies did not speak.

And so I began to do the most authentic thing in my life, not only to LIVE my true life, but also to teach how to create this head-to-heart connection with the women around me. Sharing how to create this connection has been one of those experiences in life, one of those moments that you know it is exactly as it should be. That you built something all the way from inspiration to reality that is meaningful and deeply effective to those around you. And one event after another, one woman after another, I’m humbled by the lives that are changed.

You see, what I knew in my body, even as a young girl, turned out to be true. You cannot THINK yourself back into your body. And meeting women who have disconnected from themselves in a thousand different ways, for an endless list of reasons, women who have struggled to articulate and intellectualize themselves back into a whole being – women who carry around broken pieces and bodies that they believe betray them… well, I am grateful to be part of a different answer.  A unique idea that movement – and a daily PRACTICE of feeling and moving IN their bodies – can help them to begin to reconnect. Because the reality seems to be that you can’t intellectually create a connection to a physical reality. It seems that energy has to match energy – and so it is a movement – a deeply spiritual movement – that provided the doorway to reconnect.

Heart to heart, I invite you into a head-to-heart connection. Find TIME for yourself.  Do NOT let the holidays eat you up and devour all of your time.  Instead, find a practice where you MOVE through space and FEEL your body living. Let your heart beat strongly and feel your breath inspire your soul.  Allow your body to move sensually through space and to do what it was made to do, FEEL.

With Love,
Leela Francis

Leela Francis offers courses, events and products that support a vivid way of being in the world. She is a sought-after keynote speaker for women’s seminars and gatherings, an instructor in Nia, Yoga, Vividance, & Trance Dance; she is the Creator of Circles to Spirals and the Flirting with Nature Process © She is also the CEO of Vividly Woman and VividExistence.  For more information, visit