"FEELING STUCK?READY TO GIVEUP? YOU'RE ALMOST THERE. THE ANSWER IS CONSISTENCY!!"Consistency is the key to success. In everything you do. Regardless of your goal or dream, you absolutely cannot get there without consistency. There are many key factors in reaching your goals, but the main one is consistency. 

Consistency is not as easy to maintain as it may seem. It requires keeping your goal in constant focus without distractions. For most, this is the hardest part and usually the one that will force people to give up. And usually right when it is about to reach fruition.

Consistency is the constant watering of your goal garden. Without it, you absolutely cannot get your garden to grow. Think about that analogy. What does it take to get delicious, healthy, home grown vegetables? You buy the seeds, throw them in the ground, and water them(this is the short version of gardening:)). Then you know that you have to water them everyday in order to get that sprout to break through the soil. Right? It’s the exact same thing with your goals and dreams. Consistent watering of your goal seed. And because some seeds take a lot of consistency, it’s very easy to say “this is not working” and put the water can down and give up. Unfortunately, it’s usually when that seed is just about to break through the soil. And back down it goes. Waiting to be watered again someday. Your dream has to be given great attention, care and focus. 

It all seems so frustrating and taxing, I know. But, what is the alternative? Stay doing the same thing you’ve always done so you can get what you’ve always gotten? No, I didn’t think so. Pick a goal, focus on it, don’t give up and give it great consistency, and watch how your life will change.

Renee Dean is the founder of Renee Dean Life Coach and A New U University.She is a licensed life coach, certified NLP Practitioner,  LOA master, meditation mentor, and motivational speaker. Renee specializes in helping her clients find their true purpose in life and helps to unlock any phobias that may be holding you back in having the life of your dreams.