"do unto others month"Ellen Sue Burton, Founder of DUO Magazine and creator of Do Unto Others Day has a Challenge…

It’s a 28 Day challenge that is about to come to an end. Here’s the scoop:

DUOMagazine invites you to take their 28 day challenge for Do Unto Others Month, February, 2011.

What Have You Done For Someone Else Today?

Want to change your life?

Take this challenge of doing something good, nice, kind, generous or loving for others every day for the next 28 days.

This will impact you in ways you never knew possible. It will shift who you are and the gifts you will receive from giving at this all new level will be profound.

Post your daily giving/doing here. It’s not about bragging rights, just a great way to ensure you’re following your goal to make a difference.

One catch. It has to be something different every day. You’ll have to look for new opportunities and open your heart, your mind and spirit to this giving nature.

Are you up for the challenge?

Keep a journal and log on to tell us about the amazing things you did to pay it forward, make a difference and change lives during the month of February. We will highlight the best of the best on February 24th, “Do Unto Others Day”.

Click here to post your stories

For more information visit DUO online at: http://duomagazine.com/28/28.html

Look for the interview of Ellen Sue Burton coming  to WE Magazine for Women real soon!