Stamina® Cosmetics First adaptogenic and mindful cosmetics created by Dermatologist, DR MBK, to enhance skin resilience, brilliance, and wellness. It is created to care for the skin under duress of environmental and emotional stress.

Stamina® Cosmetics by DR MBK was inspired during the challenging year of 2020. During this year, we all experienced difficulties and disharmony in our lives, which affected our overall wellness and in particular our skin and mental health. Stress and skin problems also affect our appearance and confidence, which influence our general well-being. As Stamina was developed, she realized the impact of this year’s disruption on our inner mind-body connection. 

As an integrative dermatologist, DR MBK realized she can help to improve skin stamina, health, and beauty with innovative and powerful adaptogenic ingredients, Stamina Complex. Applying our skin products during a daily holistic habit, Stamina Synergy, helps to also restore our mind-body-skin harmony. 

Stamina Synergy is achieved by practicing mindful skin care ritual with our uplifting affirmations while you enjoy the skin wellness benefits, found in every single bottle.

Product: Intention Moisturizer  $59

This adaptogenic moisturizer energizes your skin’s resilience, brilliance, and balance. This blend of botanical, moisturizing, and adaptogenic ingredients enhances our skin hydration, and strengthens skin‘s barrier to face various environmental and stress-related challenges. Twice daily application as part of Stamina Synergy, elevates our skin’s and mental stamina.

Affirmation on the product: “Where Intention Goes, Healthy Skin Glows”

The product has been featured in New Beauty. 

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