Today’s featured product is PhoneSoap Go.

Many people believe wipes and chemical cleaners are ideal disinfection tools, but they’re inconsistent at best. These old-school germ fighters offer slow disinfection rates, leave fumes and residue behind, and generate billions of plastic containers per year. We knew there had to be a better way—and we found the answer in UV-C light. After much trial and error, we created the safe, controlled, microbe-defeating environment you’ll find in every PhoneSoap product.

PhoneSoap Go allows you to disinfect and charge your phone simultaneously, while on the go! Using UV-C light technology, 99.99% of bacteria are eliminated safely from your device. Charges with a built-in rechargeable battery and includes a travel case. $149.95

In 2011, PhoneSoap   founders Dan Barnes and Wes LaPorte set out to harness the power of UV-C light to tackle the problem of totally gross, germ-covered cellphones. Ten years, and gazillions of zapped germs later, we’re helping people around the world defeat harmful bacteria and viruses on all kinds of gear and in all kinds of air.

Learn more and purchase your own PhoneSoap Go on their website while there is a Mother’s Day Sale: