Travel Purse…What is Your Favorite?

by Wendy VanHatten

For those of you who travel with a purse, what do you look for in the ideal purse?

Should it be roomy enough to carry guide books, a camera, or a small notebook? If so, does it get filled with everything else?

Should it be small enough for only the basics? How small? Does RIFD protection (radio frequency identification) matter to you? Would you like it to be a cross-body bag?

How about anti-theft? So many things to look for.

For me, I want many of those features.

While it doesn’t need to carry my large camera, I do want it large enough to carry a small notebook, my wallet, phone, and other essentials. Even though my wallet is RFID protected, I think it’s still a good idea for my purse as well. Sure, I could add a piece of foil…but this way I don’t have to. And, the entire purse is protected.

At the same time, I don’t want to carry a large purse. I certainly don’t want one where everything falls to the bottom and I have to dig through it to find anything. Organization is important to me when I travel.

I want to be able to wipe it off if something gets spilled on it, without it staining the fabric. Yet, I want it to look classy enough when I wander the streets of Paris by day and when I go out to eat in the evening. When I’m traveling…I take only one purse.

Sometimes I have to set it down on a less than desirable surface. That means it should have ‘feet’ or something on the bottom, so it doesn’t sit on the floor if I need to place it there. The shoulder strap should be comfortable, yet not easy for a would-be thief to cut it and grab it off my shoulder.

Recently, I found one that I thought had all of those features.

Arden Cove is a brand founded by two sisters born in San Francisco. They put their heads together to come up with a purse and other bags that are functional, durable, and stylish. Their anti-theft waterproof crossbody bag is the one I tried for a couple of recent trips.

This purse had almost all my requirements. I’ll use it on the next trip.

Check it out at

I found my travel purse. How about you?