• Dad of three Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock has a monstrous 146 million followers; with an average of 20 million likes.
  • Footballing legend David Beckham ranks second, with 56.1 million followers, whilst pop sensation Justin Timberlake has 55.5 million.
  • New dad Joe Swash places second from last, with just 860,000 followers, however, benefits from a whopping 2 million likes.


Father’s Day is a rather special day for dads all over the world. And although there may be a monetary and cultural difference between celebrities and your typical Joe Bloggs, the essence of the day is the same.

Celebrities may seem untouchable but it all changes when they start a family and become a dad, experiencing the joys and (woes) of fatherhood. And although their social media following signifies stardom, it is somewhat humbling to see, they too must deal with tantrums, demands and nappy changes. And so, we become enthralled by their lives on social media.

So, to celebrate Father’s Day and dads of all types, OnBuy.com has ranked the most popular celebrity dads, analysing the number of followers and average number of likes they have using the Instagram Influencer Earnings Tool from Influencer Marketing Hub .

The social stats reveal that dad of three Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock has a monstrous 146 million followers, with an average of 20 million likes.

Thereafter, David Beckham, footballing legend who stole our hearts with his agility and unprecedented talent around the pitch has currently 56.1 million followers. His total trails behind The Rock by nearly 90 million, but still stands at an impressive 14 million likes.

International pop sensation Justin Timberlake displays a following of 55.5 million avid fans from around the world; whilst on average his Instagram posts receive 9 million likes.

One Direction heartthrobs Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson make up seventh and ninth position in the social media table. These new dads on the block, have 17.5 million and 13.8 million followers respectively. And although Liam Payne, (whose son is Bear Payne) has a larger following, his Instagram posts see just 6 million likes, compared to his former band mate with 10 million.

And riding off the pop industry, music contract mogul Simon Cowell has just 1.4 million followers, despite the arrival of his son Eric in 2014. Although, interestingly, he receives similar figures for total number of likes, relative to his social footprint (1 million).

Inclusive in the list is Harry Kane who has a lot to be proud of, at just 25 years old. Not only has he defined his position for Tottenham Hotspur, but was awarded an MBE earlier this year, and is father to his two little girls. Harry Kane therefore has a social following to be commended, ranking 11th with a staggering 8.3 million followers and 4 million likes on average.

Out of all 24 dads ranked, new dad Joe Swash who recently welcomed baby Rex into his growing family and melting the nations’ hearts, places second from last with just 860,000 followers. However, benefits from an average of 2 million likes; an ode to his bubbly personality

"FATHER’S DAY: Celebrating the most famous dads on Instagram"