When we mention fashion faux-pas, we are taken aback by the devastating effect a bad fashion choice contributes to our reputation. And although we know this phenomenon exists, sometimes we are not aware how this reasoning is measured.  We think we made the right clothing choice until someone brings to our attention that our fashion principles are mismatched. How does one avoid being put into this corner? 

Rendering a long list of what is considered faux-pas is too annoying to enumerate, and who would remember it anyways? Instead, I will provide you with three major categories marking the headlines of counteracting fashion faux-pas that are easy to follow. The three categories are patterns, color, and tailoring.  


Be mindful of what constitutes a pattern.  For example, prints are considered patterns, therefore, mixing a lined pattern with a zebra print, automatically conforms to the nuance of inconsistency.  Its simple logic.  Another example is using large checkered prints with a leopard top is also off balance. 

We all have a sense of fashion to some degree that even if it is not at a high level, intuitively we know what works and what doesn’t.  However, the best inkling you can upskill yourself is developing a sense of style.  To this notion, a common rule applies to patterns: stick with one patterned garment and leave the rest to a solid tone. See, I told you it would be easy!

To this equation, also revisit accessories such as stockings, as this style-up scheme is somewhat overlooked.  Pay attention to the patterns displayed by stockings as this can ruin your entire outfit. Zigzags and lined embroidery in stockings clash with checkered skirts or print dresses because too much of anything underplays the distinction of chic.  Less is more. Ideally, a checkered skirt should be adorned by a solid-colored top, jacket and stocking. 

The same reasoning applies to silver and gold glam shoes.  Avoid the infringement of black-decorated stockings worn with gold pump shoes.  Instead, use a neutral base stocking to emphases your footwear as this will blend effectively with the hemline of your dress. 

Photo two


Color coordination falls in the same category as patterns.  Too many colors in a single outfit makes a loud statement of nothingness. While loud fashion statements are welcomed, it must represent a stylish format with well-tuned colors that distinguish an outfit. 

Avoid the all-too-tranquility of overlapping colors that provide no real sense of direction.  Dress with a purpose, with a goal in mind in order to portray a sense of style.  It’s alright to be unique, in fact, I encourage every women to be true to her personality. However, mixing with mismatching colors will not work adequately.

Photo three

When we define colors, we mean avoid matching reds with forest greens.  Avoid orange stockings or leggings with a red dress. The clash of faux-pas is evident.  Avoid pink pants with red sweaters, that kind of thing.  And even if you overlap clothes thinking no one is looking, well everyone is looking and everyone will notice the jaggedness of your outfit even if that wasn’t your intent. Clothes define you therefore, before stepping out the door, run a quick check to see if patterns and colors are in order.


Tailoring refers to the manner in which the fabric is cut and sewn. Each stitch has its place of precision, each seam, each dart will define the garment in its perfection.  And when this type of dress defines your wardrobe, the clothes will fit beautifully.  You don’t even have to ask “How do I look?” You know you look gorgeous as if the clothes were make for you.  The shoulders will be defined, the neckline sits perfectly, the waist is tucked, and the hips are sutured rightfully to accentuate your silhouette. This is the meaning of correct tailoring at its best.

Photo four

To avoid a fashion faux-pas in the tailoring category, clothes should dress your figure.  Avoid clothes that are ill-cut, without proper sharpness of where your bust line, waist and hips begin or end. Choose clothes that are not frumpy as too much fabric and print causes unwanted heaviness.   

Think what master-craft tailoring can do for your glamour.  It produces clothes with characteristics that embellish your personality instead of masking it underneath clothes that look awkward and sometimes too slopping for no good reason.  Avoid clothes as if made from another century.  Your vibe is hip, modern and confident. You are worth your clothes!



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