It is easy to get caught in a fashion rut of just shopping at the same stores all the time. Or buying the least expensive option that appears in an online search. However, these shopping habits can lead to making purchases that do not align with your goals as a consumer. Shopping locally, supporting minority and women-owned brands, making eco-friendly product choices, these are all goals that many fashion and beauty consumers have, but it’s not always easy to find the products and styles you want that align with these important goals. 

Various fashion apps let consumers save favorite outfits, but often the pieces featured in the images are not shoppable, increasing consumer frustration. It’s time for an elevated experience. Enter FashWire and GlossWire , two B2B2C technology apps leveraging social technologies and AI Technology.  

On FashWire, consumers can like and favorite the fashion products and collections they love to revisit the looks later, or they can purchase directly from brands through the app. Discovering new brands from over 40 countries is possible through various interactive features. Consumers can swipe looks from brands listed A-Z, browse by clothing, shoes, or accessories, shop best sellers for her or for him, browse brands by country or “Swipe the Edit”, which consists of fresh styles updated daily from featured designers. They can also shop for a particular cause and browse for clothing and accessories from designers that are minority-owned businesses or that have an eco-conscious mission. In their feed, consumers can share images of their favorite looks with the rest of the FashWire community and interact by liking and commenting on other’s posts.  For the brands, FashWire’s analytics provides essential data on consumer behavior and feedback that they can leverage to improve their collections.

Applying this same concept to the beauty industry, GlossWire offers users organic discovery of worldwide beauty brands using technology to add a layer of personalization to browse and shop the products they love. Just like FashWire, the GlossWire app helps consumers discover new brands they may have never heard of before including conscious beauty brands and minority-owned brands from around the world. In turn, GlossWire’s dedication to curation, education and community generates a trove of customer behavioral data, that combined with its data analytics tools provides critical consumer feedback for the brands – an essential tool especially for small businesses. Beauty brands can leverage that feedback to further expand their beauty products to consumers to improve and streamline their strategies. Fusing together the discoverability of emerging brands, delivering instant user feedback, and sharing beauty inspirations through GlossWire’s social feed, brands gain access to concrete data on how users are responding to their products. 


As a collective community, the brands and consumers that utilize the FashWire and the GlossWire apps are working together to build a world where companies and consumers can collaborate more closely to reduce waste, achieve mutual social goals and better support brands with diverse and inclusive ownership and missions. Both FashWire and GlossWire donate $1 per download each month to nonprofit organizations. 1/3 of the $2.99 cost for the app goes towards charitable causes, so shopping with environmental and social goals in mind has never been easier. Both apps are now available for download on Apple and Android devices.