In early February WE Magazine for Women ~ for busy women on the move, hosted an online competition to showcase a family-run business with a woman in a decision making capacity. The woman we chose among the entrants would then grace the Cover of our Spring 2010 Issue.

In retrospect, this was by far one of the most difficult tasks our team has had to date. According to one judge, “All the entries could easily be our next cover story. Each one was inspiring and interesting in its own way. Which made it that much more difficult to pick just one!”  Although it was a challenging task, the judges rose to the occasion and chose one woman who stood out among all the others. That woman is Georgia Durante of

Criteria included business acumen, working well with family members, community service and life experiences. In addition to these qualities, Ms. Durante was chosen because her story was a particularly compelling story of challenges and success of working in a family-run business! Here’s an excerpt from her entry: “You have to separate family and business. Business is business. You need to treat family members as you would any other employee or it does not work. If you favor a family member over another employee you will have resentments causing your business to unravel.”

Ms. Durante’s story along with 12 other inspiring women’s stories will be featured in the Spring Issue

In addition to our Front Cover Story, Judy Curry of Curry’s Auto Service will grace the back cover. Each of the 13 finalists will receive a Commemorative Cover with their picture on it.

The Finalists include:

1st Place ~ Georgia Duarte of Performance Two ~

2nd Place ~ Judy Cury of Curry’s Auto Service

Beth Bacarella of Sportsmens Direct

Georgia Durante of Performance Two ~ WWW.PERFORMANCETWO.COM

Julie Sue Auslander of cSubs | Subscriptions Simplified

Cecelia Jernegan Home Office Success4u

Jeannette Kravitz PeaceSpa

Barbara Schantz of Baby Dipper

Cindy Tollen Sudz N Bubbles ~

Kelly Stallings of Flat Rate Fax

Cathy Jernigan of Smart Products

Kathy Pickus Dot Girl Products

Laura Wellington of Wumblers

Erika Montgomery of Three Girls Media ~ 

Each of the entrants will be showcased on the WE Magazine for Women site. In addition they will be included in our upcoming WE Magazine Hall of FAME section for 2010 which will also include our 2010 Small Business Women Interviews!

According to Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor in Chief, “It is an honor to be able to share these fascinating stories with our readers. Each one more inspiring than the last. I only wish we had more room (and time) to include even more women in each of our four issues a year.”  You can check out the current issue of WE Magazine for Women here:

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