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This Fall opt for a Digital Detox

"This Fall opt for a Digital Detox"We live in those times where the count of Facebook likes on our post makes or breaks our day. A friend’s holiday pictures on Instagram makes us go green with envy and a random comment on our Twitter post enrages us. The virtual world is deciding how our day is going to be and our virtual selves are taking upon our real identity. Am I right? If the answer is yes, it is about time you consider taking a break from the world of gadgets.


Studies have shown that spending more than 5 hours on the gadgets hampers our cognitive abilities, imagination, word prowess and concentration. And this is just the beginning! We constantly want to stay caught up with something exciting on web (cyberchondria as it is called) all the time. While waiting for someone at a restaurant, you prefer to mundanely scroll through your phone or surf something unnecessarily rather than initiating a conversation with people around you. Isn’t this an indication that it is high time we drop those gadgets down and become more interactive with the world around us?


The moment you realise than you are paying more attention to something on your phone than doing what is more important, is the time you should slow down and take a break. Your psychological dependence on your gadget directly affects your quality of work, quality of personal and social relationships, and personal growth. Don’t you think that you will have more enriched experience in engaging yourself in a book than surfing a blog about a celebrity’s lifestyle?


It is not hidden that the constant peering on a gadget, directly affects the eyesight, triggers headache, decreases attention span and ability to focus, and meddles with the ability of think. A detox from the gadgetal world will surely boost your overall performance and health. It will help you have a clearer view of personal self, develop your personality and connected to your inner voice.

Constant use of fingers surely invites early degenerative changes of fingers and wrists. Also, numerous cases of insomnia have been registered as a result of a constant need to be on the phone. It also affects the general behaviour of the person. We all have read and heard about the results of being on the phone while driving and such cases are rising every day. Also, we have been constantly hearing about the large number of death while taking selfies. It’s high time we stop being slaves to gadgets and the addiction to the virtual world.

Is being on the phone more important than living our lives?



Have you observed how your children don’t pay attention to what you say when they are watching TV or playing a game on the phone? Make your kids go off gadgets too. It will surely pump up their energy and will be improve their school grades. Kids pick up habits from their adults. Parents may not know this, but they unknowingly encourage their children into such habits. Therefore, less time to social media equals to more time to family.

Moreover, it will rekindle your old habit of talking to someone face-to-face. Any kind of digital connectivity can never replace the experience and emotions that come up when we meet someone in person.


This may sound silly, but is equally true. These withdrawal symptoms are not to be neglected. People experience symptoms like

–           General restlessness and inability to pay attention.

–          Phantom ringtone syndrome where the person experiences hearing something similar to his ringtone or feeling his phone vibrating, though the phone is not around.

–          Irritability.

–          Depression

–          Loss of vocabulary.


Begin with cutting off the number of hours you spend on the phone. Set the number of hours every day and this has to be followed strictly. At the same time, pick up a creative activity to divert keep you occupied. This habit should slowly be inculcated and developed to replace the hours on the phone. You will be able to gradually take charge of your life in a better and replenished way.

The strong-willed ones can directly go off the hook or they can make use of the phone only when needed.

On a concluding note, what needs to be understood is that technology was made to make our lives easier and to bring us closer. Any kind of abuse and overuse will obviously result in overdose. A wise, precise and calculated use of gadgets will be the right way to make the best use of them. Try digital detoxing once… Believe me, you won’t regret it.


Jennifer Warren – Content Curator with, a research and review platform for app development companies. She is focused mainly on helping small companies establish. She has 3 years of experience in extensive project research and has been associated with many websites.

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