When you’ve lost your life partner/spouse….

"Facing This Time Alone When you've lost a loved one or spouse"On the other side of the coin you may have lost your spouse and be facing the coming years alone. Statistics show that woman live on average 8 years longer than men. This means that there are a lot of widowed older women living alone. Getting out and joining a seniors club is a great way to stay social.  Plus, of course, you just might meet that someone special! But don’t do it for that reason. Your main goal should be to develop new relationships that get you out of the house and a rut you may find yourself getting into.  Oftentimes when losing someone you have spent the majority of your adulthood with, you find yourself at a loss to be social alone. Joining a seniors group or club can help you regain some of that sense of self and loss you are feeling.

If you love to travel you may find that having a travel companion is a huge help. Your companion could even be someone a few or several years younger than you. Having someone with a lot of energy and stamina can help you with all the heavy lifting you can encounter when travelling as well as help you plan your trip including to book accommodations and any extra running around that may be necessary.

If you are alone, you still have family and friends that will help you stay busy and active. How about taking your grandkids for a few weeks in the summer? Or you going to visit them for a change.

Many young teens often bond well with their grandparents. Quite often if the senior needs help, a teenage grandchild can manage this. They can go shopping, do gardening and other chores around the home. This creates a strong bond that can last for many, many years.

You could also volunteer to help out at a function at your seniors club. Or you may be feeling confident enough to give a talk to children in school.

A Four Legged Friend

Many seniors often turn to having a pet during this time. Having a cat or dog around the home gives you a sense of having to do something each morning. A dog will need walks on a daily basis. Plus an animal is just company and will sense your moods and feelings. There is nothing nicer than snuggling up on the couch with your pet when you are feeling tired or under the weather.

There are certain benefits associated with owing a pet and these include:

•             Less stress

•             Better moods

•             Lower systolic blood pressure

•             Lower cholesterol levels

•             Lower rates of heart disease

•             Longer lifespan

Pets are such a great idea for seniors that many senior living facilities allow their seniors to have a pet with them.  Pet therapy is another alternative health approach that is really taking off. A therapy dog can easily put a smile on a senior’s face and provide that needed companionship. Whether the senior owns the dog or the dog comes in for visits at pre-arranged times with its owner.

So whether you are in a strong relationship or not. As you approach your later years, take the time to strengthen your ties with your spouse. Stop taking them for granted and start adding a little flare and romance into certain aspects of your life.

If nothing else make the time to get outside and spend time together walking in your local park or down by your favorite lake. You have all the time in the world, so why not have a few picnic lunches and rekindle your love once again.