by Marci G Fox, PhD and Leslie Sokol, PhD

Imagine that you have made plans to meet friends at a restaurant. You arrive to find them at the bar engrossed in their conversations. You would like to rush over and say hello, but you don’t. Instead you slowly approach the group, and wait quietly for someone to ask you to join in.

Envision this work situation: You are about to address a meeting of your sales team. The agenda is a newly created project of yours, one in which you passionately believe. You look around at your team members and suddenly lose focus. Your plan of action feels like it is riddled with holes. In your mind, you highlight the few negative comments coworkers have made to you about getting this project off the ground and forget about all the positive feedback you have received.

Think about an upcoming tennis match. Rather than being able to concentrate or have fun, you become fixated on your opponent’s lightning fast serve. Instead of being in the moment, using your well-practiced stroke and reflexes to effectively return those serves, you choke.

The underlying theme in all three of these situations is doubt. Doubt makes you your own worst enemy. Instead of casually saying hello, believing in your plan or returning the serve, you crumble. Doubt undermines your confidence.

In this book, we will teach you how to squash crippling doubt and replace it with confidence. Our program is based on our success with thousands of people over the last thirty combined years as clinical psychologists with extremely active practices and training schedules. Rather than waiting to be the person you hope to become, we’ll show you how you can BE that person today. Our step-by-step approach will lead you to success, better relationships, and better performance.

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