by Dr. Joyce Morley-Ball

In this video, Everyday Superheroes Dr. Joyce helps women to recognize the characteristics of everyday superheroes.  She helps women to understand that being a superhero doesn’t mean that they have to be superwomen.  The mirror on their walls should say that they are the most important people of all!  Women will see how important they are by recognizing themselves as everyday superheroes.  She also helps them to recognize other everyday superheroes around them by deciding who fits in their parking lot of life, and if they don’t fit, get rid of them!

About Dr. Joyce:

Dr. Joyce Morley-Ball is recognized as a relationship expert, and the Doctor of Hope, affectionately called, “Dr. Joyce—the Love Doctor”.  Dr. Joyce is a talk show host, author, poet, and serves as an expert consultant to TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers.   She co-hosts a monthly relationship segment on Atlanta’s Kiss 104.1-FM.

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