Imagine choosing to trade high heels for a toilet brush. This is exactly what Jessica Peryea did when she had the opportunity to help create EcoMaids, one of the nation’s fastest-growing green franchise concepts.

With a previous career in real estate, 25 and single, Jessica hung up her suit, put away her heels, and rolled up her sleeves to drive the creation of the first EcoMaids Green Cleaning service in Albany, New York.

Start-ups always involve risk. But, Jessica loved the idea of bringing to life to the EcoMaids concept. Paying attention to every detail, Jessica worked in the office, while continuing to clean homes, to build an operational model that would serve as the foundation for the green franchise they would begin offering one year later.

“The national maid service concept is tried and true,” says Jessica, “we set our sights and are proud to become the first 100% eco-friendly, all-green cleaning service in the United States”. EcoMaids offers the same services most maid and house cleaners do. They have simply replaced all those smelly cleaners with green products and cleaning tools. They must believe in what they are doing, because they offer a Satisfaction Guarantee, which tells you a lot about their commitment to their customers.

“Saving the Planet One Spotless Home at a Time” SM is EcoMaids’ slogan. Granted, being green has become very chic and many businesses are quick to embrace the green label. However when you scratch below the service, few businesses that claim to be green are likely to run their businesses with such attention to the environment as EcoMaids does. The EcoMaids franchise model requires green business practices, including choice of office supplies, to transform the corporate philosophy into a way of doing business.

“Every day is Earth Day at EcoMaids.” says Jessica. “Earth Day is special to us because it reminds us how important little changes in our daily lives can make a big impact on our environment. Our cleaning methods, solutions, business practices and overall philosophy are designed to offer people safe alternatives to the harsh chemicals and tools they might typically use in their homes or businesses.”

EcoMaids cleaning services replace household and commercial cleaning products, with their own line of naturally-derived, Green Seal® certified cleaning products, making cleaning much safer for the people, pets and the planet. The replacement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners is especially important to those with infants that crawl on the floors, pets, and family members or employees with respiratory or dermatological ailments.

Green Cleaning has proven to be more than a fad. EcoMaids opened their first 5 independently owned franchise locations in September 2009. They have opened 17 franchises over the past 8 months, putting them on track to welcome around 50 cities into the EcoMaids service area by the end of 2010. A list of cities where EcoMaids currently operate, and plan to be, is available on their website.

You can learn more by visiting the EcoMaids website: