"Empowered Woman Success Summit"Twice a year one of my favorite events takes place in South Florida. It is the Empowered Woman Success Summit. The summit is the brainchild of Michelle Villalobos, President of MiVista a training and event company located in Miami, Florida.

In this interview, Michelle talks about the Empowered Woman Success Summit

Michelle, tell us about the Empowered Woman Success Summit, your vision and goals for the event?

The purpose of the Summit is to inspire women and educate them so they can take their business or their career “to "Michelle Villalobos"the next level” and also connect with other amazing woman.

What was the inspiration behind starting such an important event for women?

I’ve found that women face unique challenges in business – we struggle with work-life balance, saying “no”, not being comfortable with self-promotion, negotiations skills, the list goes on and on. I wanted to create a forum where women could overcome those challenges and help each other by sharing best practices, tactics and strategies.

What makes this year’s event different from past Summits?

We do this event twice a year, so the learning curve is quick – we don’t have to wait a year to introduce new ideas and changes. This time we’re bringing in some high-profile out-of-town speakers to mix in with the local talent, so that’s exciting. For example, Eugenia Kim is coming down from New York to tell her story about how she “cornered the luxury hat market and built a multi-million dollar business from her personal brand.”

Tell us about the program, what topics you are covering, the speakers, and why women should attend?

Here are a few of the programs: “How To Negotiate (Like A Woman),” “It’s A Man-Man World: Getting Ahead In Male-Dominated Environments,” “Prettier, Smarter, More Popular: How Social Media Is A Lot Like High School,” “How To Remember Anyone’s Name” and many more. 

Where is the Summit taking place and what is the cost to attend?

The Summit is at the Miami Museum of Science, and the day-pass to the sessions is $25, a VIP 2-day pass is $75. The expo is free.

Michelle, tell us about you and your company, MiVista.

Mivista Consulting is all about personal self-development for businesspeople. We focus on helping people with marketing and sales skills, and deliver training programs for small to medium-sized businesses in topics like communications skills, presentation skills, referral marketing, networking skills and more. We also have a specialty in working with women and women-dominated environments. 

Is there anything else you would like to share?|

There are so many exciting things going on I don’t know where to begin! I recently co-authored Badass Business Women: The Manifesto with Jessica Kizorek and I’m proud to share that it’s starting to get some serious exposure. And now she and I are also launching a training program called “Make Them Beg: How To Stop Selling & Start Seducing Clients With Your Irresistible Personal Brand.” The website for that is http://makethembegforyou.com/

What is the best way to connect with you (website, social media, etc)? Facebook and Twitter are awesome. To book me or discuss any sort of business, the best thing to do is contact Jessica Lurie: (888) 531-3830 or jessica@mivistainc.com .

How can our readers find out more information about the Empowered Woman Success Summit and register? That would be great! Please visit www.EmpoweredWoman.info.