Meet Elvira Amankwa, Founder of the Total Woman Breakthrough Forum

Why are you putting on the Total Woman Breakthrough Forum at a time like this?
More than ever, women need to position themselves now for what is going to happen in the future. If you start thinking what you want to do and how you will do it when the turnaround is in full swing, it will be too late. You need to be ahead of the game and position yourself now, so when everyone sees the light at the end of the tunnel, you are already on the upward move with determination, power and knowledge. It is our desire to help women get their game plan in place now.

What’s the idea behind this women’s forum?
It’s largely a reflection of my own quest to be the total woman I am destined to be. I realized that only if I nurture and develop all aspects of life, I can be that and do that.

Why is this not your regular women’s conference?
Women are tired of the same old “talking to you” conferences. This is a time to be heard and interact with other women who have transformed their lives and want to share the keys that helped them. And the best way to discover the power and potential within in through interaction with other women.

What can participants expect?
Exclusively for women, by women, this forum is a powerful catalyst to transform women’s lives. Two days can change the course of your future forever and transport you into the happy, successful life of your dreams as a total woman. No more feeling fragmented, stuck, and discouraged. The time has come to break through.

The forum takes place right at the beach in Hollywood Beach/Florida. Why did you choose this particular location for your event? 
We wanted to create an atmosphere of warm hospitality and relaxation for a distinguished get-away experience, as it is so important to sometimes step away and leave it all behind to make new discoveries and gain new ground.

For those women, who would like to take advantage of the special conference room rate of $145/night, please call the Marriott directly at 1-866-306-5453.

As far as other interactive and fun program points are concerned, what else is going on during the forum?
There will be facilitated networking sessions to help the women really connect, build relationships and enlarge their network. The sessions will be run by an experienced coach who will guide the women. We will also have two panel discussions where we take audience questions to provide answers from women to women, from heart to heart on “Wealth & Security” and “Health & Wellness”.

Great fun is the free mini spa on site to stop by for a hand or lip treatment, an aromatherapy wrap or a chair massage. The live Heart Art Studio will be there also with inspirational heart art.

Not to forget a hands-on novelty make-up presentation and fun style show where we learn to put together a wardrobe.

Can you tell me what the Exhibit Hall is about?
The Exhibit Hall is a place where we will have a select number of exhibitors to help women in their quest. There only will be a limited number of exhibitors, because this is more about connecting and building a relationship than it is about swapping brochures and business cards. It’s a place where the women can exchange ideas and learn from each other.

If you offer services that are geared towards women and would like to be part of this, please feel free to email .

Why a black and white gala dinner?
It’s time to celebrate! This conference is about new breakthroughs, new insights and new friendships. That’s why we decided to set a special time aside to go all out and have a ball in grand style. It’s a great way to round out this fantastic conference experience and to top it off with a bang. Enjoy delectable culinary creations, create unforgettable memories with old and new friends and have one great night of splendid fun. And what’s the best thing about this is that the gala dinner is included in the conference registration.
Is there anything you would like to share with other women?
This whole forum came together by women talking with each other, by women connecting and by women sharing their passion and expertise. There is incredible power that comes from this. Don’t miss out. Tap into this and be part of it. Join us on May 13 and May 14 at the Marriott Hotel in Hollywood.

Heidi Richards Mooney will be speaking at the Total Woman Breakthrough Forum ~ Her topic: Tap Into Social Media

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Hope to see you there!