The thought of leaving your baby with a babysitter can be terrifying. But, this is something that every parent will need to do at some point and, it is good for you and your baby.

It may not feel like it but you having time away gives you the opportunity to remain the person you are and not just a parent. Your child is exposed to different people, helping them build social skills that will last them throughout life. They are never too young to learn these. 


In most cases, you will be asking a family member or close friend. That means you are already happy about their abilities, you just need to overcome your fear of leaving your baby.

However, if none of these are an option you are going to need to turn to reputable babysitting services Sydney . To ensure you have found a good one ask family and friends regarding the service and see if they have any experience with them. 

You can also look on social media and online forums to get honest feedback and opinions. It should be mainly positive and set your mind to rest.

Contact Well In Advance

Contact the babysitting service as early as possible and arrange a meeting. You want to chat with the person that will be looking after your baby. It should be easy to chat with them and you should both feel comfortable. This will help to put your mind at rest that you have chosen well.

At this stage, it is a good idea to go with your gut , when it comes to your baby your instincts are unlikely to let you down. 

Trial Run

To help build your confidence and make sure everything goes smoothly book a test run. This avoids the pressure of having to be at an event, instead, you can just go for a meal or a drink with your partner or friends. 

If you have concerns you can call the babysitter and they can call you. You’ll find it much easier without the pressure and this will make it easier when you need to hire them for that special occasion. 

By doing it this way you won’t need to be panicking about babysitters when you have to be somewhere. 

Set Payment

Most babysitters will be clear about the payment structure. But, if they are not then make sure you clarify it with them. It is common to have a charge per hour or a set charge until a certain time. Make sure you know how much your sitter will cost if you get back late!

It’s a good idea to have it all in writing before you start.

Your Schedule

It is essential that you explain to the babysitter what you expect, especially when it comes to the schedule for your baby. Explain it at least twice and make a written record of your baby’s schedule. It may seem over the top but it ensures the babysitter knows what is expected. 

That makes it much easier for everyone to relax and your first babysitter to be the only one you ever need.

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