We, as a human society must grasp the idea of thinking and acting with the understanding that we are part of nature.

We must become a planet that lives within and promotes a balance of ecological habits, if we are to survive.

 We must become and practice a sustainable agricultural system, one that replenishes the soil, and works in ways that offers protection to our natural resources. Individually and as a global effort we must work to implement and/or enhance a balance that will bring social and ecological harmony. 

The health of our planet is our responsibility, yours and mine. Leaving the task that must be done to future generations gave us what we have today. Contaminated water sources,  foul air, dead soil, and foods without nutrients and laden with chemicals. 

There is no quick fix to these problems, and, they are problems. This  must be  a long term goal  that becomes a way of life, a standard by which we live and encourage others to do the same. There are many, many, areas in which we all can make an effort. From personal and local,  to corporate and global.We each have a passion, and every passion has a Green side.  

~~TO LIVE GREEN WE MUST LEARN TO THINK GREEN~~ ” Good thinkers are never at a loss to solve problems, they never lack ideas that can build an organization, and they always have hope for a better future.” by: John C. Maxwell ——a well known motivational speaker.  There are many internet sites, books, tapes, groups and individuals who all have thousands of doable ideas, find something that is workable for you and do it…just do it. It doesn’t have to be huge, or  the perfect plan. 

Start at home, involve your family, your community, your state. I promise you it will snowball and if one person takes a clue from one other person, well, I think you get the picture. There will never be a better time than now–think green–live green–pay it forward with a green legacy. 


Together we can…….

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