"Earth Wise With Passion"When most of us think of caring for our earth and being more responsible, we think of recycling, greening this and that, composting, water conservation and clean-up….little things that we can touch and see some form of instant result.

I would like to…. not pull you away from all those things….but instead, invite you to bring them along and walk with me through a much broader sphere of acknowledgment, understanding, and acceptance of a Mother Earth we have yet to embrace.

Stop and look deep inside, allow yourself to feel, hear, and touch…the core of your being…the center that we most often take for granted, the place we think will always be there, the well that will never run dry.

Now, think about Mother Earth in the same frame….her core, who she really is, what she really does, and how taken for granted she is on any given day at any given time. If, she stops for a second…all life is out with a poof…..and yet, we just move blindly along on the mundane path we think is all encompassing of our life.

Do you know this….A Dwarf planet has been discovered at the Solar Systems edge…does that blow your mind or is it just an ok wow moment and gone? http ://www.cnn.com/2014/03/26/tech/innovation/dwarf-planet-solar-system/

Truth is…when we can see Mother Earth as the embodiment of God-

We will, through our inner nurturing ability become more serving and protective of her.

She gives us the heavens, the seas, the forest, the mountains…the passions to live our life feeling and knowing we are connected to another energy that will sustain and build, rebuild, become better and stronger…and she gives us beauty in the most magnificent forms.