"dress for success free ebook"I recently stumbled upon a great ebook that can help you to  make the most out of every opportunity you can get in the currently competitive job market. If you have been in the job market for any length of time, you may have noticed  how many people actually show up at interviews wearing clothes that put them at an immediate disadvantage. They arrive for the interview (which in itself can be a difficult thing to get) wearing clothes that signal to the interviewer that they are not a good fit, before they have even said a word. That is why this book can give you an advantage over so many other applicants because it  helps your present your best self to future employers.

Dress for Success guides you through the elements of women’s work wear. The guidance provided in this FREE Dress for Success Guide will help you make the right first impression so you have the opportunity to get that job you want.

Adrian Ackerman, a leading workplace fashion consultant, gives the benefit of his insight dressing for a job interview, covering the basics from selecting a business suit (Chapter Two), through to Business Casual (Chapter Seven). Also included in the book is advice from career counselors from leading university, as well as real life stories from job seekers.

As you prepare to face the competition in the job market, Dress for Success will help you project the image you need to be competitive. It gives you all the tips and tricks that create the right first impression with employers and will stand you in good stead when you get that job of your dreams

To view Dress For Success, click here (PDF). To download a copy of the book, right click here or click on the cover and select “save as”.