By Bea Kunz

February is my month for reflection, weeding out, implementing, and re-focusing on all things that are important to me , my family, and my responsibility for the leg of a journey assigned to me.

Green is everywhere, and that is a good thing for sure, except, for those who can and are duped into buying into green promises that serve only someones bottom line.

When we look at a company and think WOW…they are really putting out green goods, or green information, take a closer look and follow the paper trail of what they promise, where they have been, what they left in their wake and how much of that is tied to companies who don’t have a green agenda.

Granted, we can’t all change all things over-night, what we can do is take time to reflect on the past year of what our focus was and see how much of that has our real passion worked into it.

Look at all the important topics that fill your day, are there one or more that just gets you steaming to make a difference, to have an imput, to take up and never let go.

You can weave that into a dream, from the dream you can find the passion to focus, from the focus you can make a difference.

My passion is a healthier food system with choices made by the individual as to what is and isn’t safe for our dinner table.

If I can help you find your passion, this would give me great pleasure.

I’m only a email away~

” I Have A Dream.”….now is that passion or what ?