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Dr. Joyce & Relationships

 In this video Dr. Joyce provides information on relationships to help women to understand that they have a choice in the matter.  She also helps women to see that cheating is never an option; it’s an excuse.  She also talks about not getting caught up in jealousy.  The energy spent on being jealous about someone else can be used to strengthen you!

About Dr. Joyce:
Dr. Joyce Morley-Ball is recognized as a relationship expert, and the Doctor of Hope, affectionately called, “Dr. Joyce—the Love Doctor”.  Dr. Joyce is a talk show host, author, poet, and serves as an expert consultant to TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers.   She co-hosts a monthly relationship segment on Atlanta’s Kiss 104.1-FM.

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  1. Dr. Joyce is a Fabulous speaker that doesn’t hold back, and doesn’t mind sharing what we all NEED to hear. Her messages touch people in a way that allow them to really THINK and take a step back and re-evaluate how they’re living. She should be a featured speaker, guest columnist, and expert in every magazine, talk show, and radio show!

  2. I enjoyed what Ms. Joyce had to say. I look forward to more.

  3. I have to say that Dr. Joyce is a phenomenal woman. I admire her so much! I am truly glad that I’ve had the opportunity to have her as a resource in my life. Dr. Joyce has given me hope and has been the objective ear. Self preservation has come about for me through her coaching and guidance. She is truly annointed and is a gift from God! Dr. Joyce is caring, smart, and for REAL.

  4. Malcolm Quillen says:

    Dr. Joyce is phenomenal. She tells it like it is. Her poignant remarks get to the root of the problem so individuals can address the problems that are affecting their relationship. It is always a pleasure to listen to the Love Doctor.

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  6. T kevin smith says:

    Thank your for your insite, the video alone is just a huge eye opener for me.
    your are right why should any one waist their time being jeolus, we all need to direct our energy towards constructive avenues.

  7. Great to see Dr Joyce’ in action she sure knows how to get the emotion flowing. In regards to the young girl with jealousy issues in regards to putting full fat milk in the coffees for skinny girls! In gerneral one of the greatest causes of jealousy issues would have to be low self esteem. After all, somebody who is surefooted in his or her abilities is less in all likelihood to be envious of other people’s looks or accomplishments. However, trying to lift your self-confidence when you’re in the heart of a period of intense insecurity is very difficult to do indeed. This is why you should try creating a list of positive attributes that are unique to you and keep this list in an easy accessible location. Having that list close by will help during lower periods.
    .-= Shaun smith´s last blog ..retroative jealousy =-.