Can a painted empty box bring world peace? Can you become an instant activist for peace right now, and right where you are? In visual artist’s     Franck de las Mercedes’ world, this is worth a try.

For over ten years, NYC visual artist Franck de las Mercedes has sent over 18’000 abstractly painted, empty boxes labeled: “Fragile, contains: Peace, Love or Hope” to people around the world without charging a dime. The Peace Boxes have become a pop culture phenomenon and continue to get the attention of classrooms, galleries, museums, libraries and scholars in the US and abroad.

The canvas for a unique abstract painting and a platform for communication through art, the boxes are a mixture of art and social practice. Initially titled The Priority Boxes art project, the artist’s creation has brought contemporary art to a broader audience, encouraging people to participate in conversations about peace, and challenging them to consider their ability to influence change and question the fragility, value, and priority given to those concepts.

Despite bringing the project to a close in late 2016. The project shows no sign of slowing down. And with all the negativity in the world today, the artist is asking people to join the peace movement and make a difference right where they are by downloading and printing a free poster which they can share people in their lives today!

The FdlM has created a commemorative Peace Boxes poster that everyone can download and print for free!

“Peace can be at times very abstract to human beings. We all talk about peace and have peace signs, but we don’t really sit down and discuss it on an individual level. I want to continue to challenge people by placing an image in the room and question, ‘What would you do if you peace was in your hands?’ I want people to dialogue about art, peace and remember our fragility while pondering on our power to influence change.” –FdlM

PEACE TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE! “Here’s a gift you can enjoy and share with others to continue promoting a peaceful message to all. Download, print as posters and display on your wall, office, classroom or send them as postcards to friends and family. We need to spread a message of peace now more than ever!”