Do you worry about identity theft when traveling? Here are a few suggestions which might ease your mind.

I make two copies of everything I am taking…credit cards, passport, ID, everything. I leave one copy at home. I give the second set of my info to my husband to pack securely away and then I pack his copies. That means we each have the other’s information.

Important to note…These do not get put in checked luggage, however.

I also travel with two credit cards and my husband uses two different credit cards.

When I have my passport photos taken, I ask for a second set. Most places already give you two photos. I take that extra passport photo with me when traveling out of the US. If my passport is stolen or lost, I can head to the US Embassy to get a replacement. I don’t need to find a place to take my photo.

Typically, we do not use the hotel safe. We both have safe spots where we carry our info.

My purse and wallet are RFID protected. This radio-frequency identification protects my sensitive information from being stolen by someone using a specific device and just walking by.

My luggage tags do not have a bunch of personal info on them. I use an email and a cell phone number. No home address.

What do you do?